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6 Tips for Choosing an Office Coffee Machine

Do you have to buy a coffee machine for your employees at the office? You must be feeling overwhelmed seeing the innumerable number of options online. If you are confused and don’t know how to choose the best coffee machine for your office, you have come to the right place. We have listed below a few tips that are likely to guide you in the process. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Consider the purpose the coffee machine would serve

Do you want your coffee machine to prepare different types of coffee like lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos? Remember that a good coffee machine can make a variety of coffee. Think how happy everyone would be at your workplace! However, if you know your employees well and if they like to have a simple filter coffee, you better not buy the expensive models.

  • Never forget the price

No matter what the purchase is about, every business follows a strict budget. You must first consider what varieties of coffee machines you can afford within your budget. This narrows down the choices and makes your process short.

Of all the varieties that are available within your budget, choose the top-quality one. The coffee machine is a one-time investment. So, purchase a top-quality one so that your employees can use it in the long run.

  • Determine the size of the coffee machine

Depending on the place, you must decide the size. If there’s a shortage of space, then this should be your determining factor. Look for all small-sized, useful coffee machines. Don’t think that size affects the quality of the machine. There are several compact coffee machines available that can brew the best coffee varieties. So, be mindful of the space you have and choose an appropriate model.

There’s something else you must also consider.  Suppose you have bought a small-sized coffee machine and a large number of employees feel like having coffee almost at the same time.

The area would become chaotic. Obviously, your employees wouldn’t like to stand in a queue in the middle of their work. Your choice must be such that the device fits the space and caters to the coffee requirements of your employees.

While determining the size, think of the amount of coffee you are likely to require every day. Ask yourself 3 important questions and your selection process of a coffee machine would become easier!

  • How many employees work in your office?
  • How many of them likely go out to consume tea, coffee or beverages often?
  • How many cups do they consume (if you are aware)?

These three questions would help you determine the cup per day ratio. However, not every employee would drink the same amount of coffee daily. So, the process of determining the coffee machine’s size is completely based on assumptions. Depending on your knowledge, you can buy a suitable small, medium, or large-sized coffee machine.

  • Time taken by the coffee machine to brew coffee

Is the machine easy to operate or is it too complicated? Does it respond immediately or does it take time? Also, check the time it’s taking to brew coffee. No one would like to wait for an eternity to get a cup of coffee in the middle of work.

  • What extra features does the coffee machine have?

While looking for an appropriate coffee machine, make sure the model you choose provides a good warranty. Ideally, a warranty period of two to three years can be considered.

Check whether the company you buy from is trustworthy. If the machine experiences a breakdown, the customer service should be available within minutes to look into the matter. Some companies even guarantee a 30 days return policy. Look for these perks while choosing the coffee machine.

It might not sound important but maintenance is an important factor while looking for a coffee machine. Like any other electronic device, the coffee maker also needs proper maintenance. Read the manual thoroughly and know how often it should be cleaned and how.  Breville is a top-rated shop that sells cooking and kitchen appliances.  If you are looking forward to buying a new coffee machine for your workplace, you can check out its collection of coffee makers and their prices.

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