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How a Commuter’s Drive Time Affects Buying A Home

It is a well-known fact that the drive times from your home to work can affect how happy you are with your job. But did you know it can also affect how satisfied you are with where you live? You might be surprised to hear that more and more people are looking at how long they commute when deciding to buy a house. Longer commutes put pressure on families, take up precious time and money, and make it harder for commuters to maintain relationships outside of their jobs. In this article, we will discuss the impact commuting has on buying a home!

Commuting to work can have a negative impact on your home life

Many people who commute to work every day can report a significant level of negative impact on their home lives as a result. Longer and more frequent commutes mean less time for oneself and the family, leading to an increased level of stress. This increased level of stress, in turn, affects everything from your physical health to your productivity.

Commuting also takes up precious time and money.

If you spend two hours each day commuting and 40 hours a week commuting, that is 80 hours out of your week gone just sitting in traffic or taking public transportation! Half of your whole week – gone! And then there are the costs associated with commuting: the gas, the car maintenance, parking fees.

The commute time is the amount of time it takes you to get from your house to your workplace, and it’s crucial for many reasons.

It is important to note how a longer commute affects people who live in metropolitan areas like urban areas and rural areas. The commuter will spend more time in traffic, while the person living in a rural area will have less. People who commute every week for two hours or more often report feeling less satisfied with their jobs and less satisfied with where they live.

  • A long commute can also put a strain on family life. Longer commutes take up more time that could otherwise be spent at home or spending time with loved ones.
  • Commuting takes up too much of your day, and you may not have enough energy or time left over for family, friends, hobbies – anything outside of work!

Longer commutes also take up more time and money!

  • One study found that commuters spend an average of $1,700 per year on gasoline alone! That means less money in the bank and less freedom to take care of other expenses like food and health insurance.
  • Longer commutes also take up more time – meaning less time for family, friends, and hobbies.
  • The average commuter spends about 40 hours a week commuting. That’s two full days of your life that you could be spending on other things! If you are one of those people who is constantly stressed or feeling like they have too many

The impact commuting has on buying a home.

When purchasing a home, many people will consider the commute time. In some cases, it can be a deal-breaker – if you are considering buying a home in a different city or town but have to spend an hour more on your commute each day than you currently do, that might affect your decision whether or not to buy that house!


Longer commutes can hurt your home life, which may be why many people are looking to buy homes closer to their jobs. Whether you’re commuting for work or school, try cutting down your drive time by carpooling with friends, taking public transportation like the subway or bus instead of driving yourself, walking and biking whenever possible, or even using ride-sharing services such as Uber! We all must do our part in reducing traffic congestion so everyone can enjoy living close to where they work.

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