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7 Dental Implant Benefits That Will Keep Your Mouth Healthy

For those with broken or missing teeth, there are several options to choose from to correct their smiles. A Dental implant is one of them. Are dental implants right for you, though?

In order to determine if they are, there are a few dental implant benefits you should know about. After reviewing some of the benefits of dental implants and how they affect your oral health positively, you can then decide if the benefits are worth the investment.

In the guide below, you’ll find some dental implant health benefits that you should know about. Continue reading below to learn more!

  1. They Provide Comfort

When you’re comfortable, you’re able to feel more like yourself. Wearing dentures that don’t implant can cause discomfort. Dentures can become loose and feel unnatural.

You’ll also have to use adhesives to keep the dentures in place, which can get messy and frustrating. Lastly, you’ll need to remove the dentures to clean them properly. Dental implants, however, won’t place any of these burdens on you.

One of the greatest things about dental implants is how much comfort they provide, and that’s priceless. The implant is embedded into your jawbone and your jaw will grow around the implant, making it even more stable. The tooth will look like your other teeth so it doesn’t stand out.

Once the process is done, it’s like having a brand new tooth. You won’t even remember that it’s an implant! You can then care for it just as you would care for all your other teeth.

There’s no extra work involved, and you’ll feel comfortable.

  1. They Make Speaking Easier

You don’t think about the effect your teeth have on your speech too often until you lose or break a tooth. Teeth play a large role in how words and sounds are formed. Even if you have dentures, you can still have mishaps while trying to speak due to the dentures moving or slipping out of place.

Having trouble saying certain words or sounds due to missing teeth can be embarrassing and can negatively affect a person’s confidence. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about speak problems because the implants are held in place and won’t move about in your mouth.

  1. They Improve Oral Health

When dental work has to be done on healthy teeth to correct one tooth having issues, it can cause healthy teeth to become weak or damaged at times. Dental implants are beneficial to your oral health because they don’t require any work on your healthy teeth.

The implant is embedded into your jaw and held down just like your natural teeth are. There’s no need to potentially cause other oral health issues.

  1. You Can Eat Favorite Foods With Them

Having missing teeth or regular dentures prevents you from eating all of your favorite foods. Are you tired of not being able to take a nice bite out of a crisp apple or enjoy some corn on the cob? Dental implants remove all of those food restrictions you’re currently dealing with.

Because the implants are held securely into your jaw, you don’t need to worry about them moving or slipping out of place while eating certain foods. They’ll stay firmly in place while you eat just about anything!

  1. They Keep Your Bones Healthy

After losing a tooth, you can also lose some of the bone in your jaw. With no tooth signaling to your jawbone to grow around it, you’ll begin to lose some bone in that area. Unfortunately, this can cause your facial features to change as well.

Your face may begin to look caved in. To prevent this from happening, consider having dental implants put in. The implant will act the same way the root of a natural tooth would.

The jawbone will continue to grow around the implant, and you won’t lose it.

  1. They Boost Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is another priceless factor to consider when reviewing all the benefits of dental implants. If you’ve gone some time without a tooth, then you might feel self-conscious about your smile. You might have even stopped smiling altogether.

If this is true for you, then keep in mind that dental implants can restore your smile and boost your self-confidence. Because your implant will blend in so well with the rest of your teeth, no one will even notice you ever had a missing tooth, and you can go back to smiling again!

  1. They Don’t Require Extra Maintenance

Once your dental implant’s in place, you can then treat it like a normal tooth. Implants are low maintenance and don’t require any extra work as dentures do. With proper dental hygiene, your implant should last you a lifetime.

Brushing twice a day, flossing, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings will help keep your dental implant in the best shape possible. Luckily, these are all the steps you should take on a regular basis to keep up with oral hygiene whether you have a dental implant or not. Because of this, dental implants are much less work than having dentures.

It’s Time to Reap These Dental Implant Benefits

If you’re currently struggling with a missing or broken tooth, then you’ll want to keep these dental implant benefits in mind. Why continue to feel embarrassed about your smile or stop yourself from eating all your favorite foods? Reap these benefits of dental implants today!

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