PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch? The most confusing question amongst gamers answered swiftly

PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch? The most confusing question amongst gamers answered swiftly

The time is knocking at the door when we’ll see the release of 4k games. It’s the period of the eighth gaming console generation. Hybrid console handlers are remarkably appreciated by gamers worldwide. The Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 came out a few years ago. Now you will find  custom controller also there in the market. Both the systems were more powerful by that time that gamers fell in love with them instantly. If you think that isn’t enough to convince you, check the newcomer Nintendo Switch has been well known in the gaming market as a retail powerhouse. It has the best features of gaming. You can connect it with the TV! Let’s see these systems against each other in close comparison:


It’s a little bit silly! At least, for gaming systems, you can’t make a proper argument on technical specifications. Hardware comparisons are directly made with different operating systems and their constructional structure. Well, when PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are competing with each other in graphical capability and Gaming performance, it’s a neck-and-neck comparison. Interestingly, some games will run better on Xbox, whereas other games would run better on PlayStation 4! But both are so close, that considering someone as the winner is next to impossible.

Switch, however, has fallen behind in this race a bit.

The Switch is kind of a small tablet. It’s a blocky console. The fun thing about the Switch is: anyone can play 720p videos on-screen comfortably. However, it can also give 1080p resolution being connected to the TV. But it’s generally weak in terms of effects and frame rate of PS4 and Xbox One.


The three major systems from all basic premises are currently available at 300 USD. In this list, we’ll see PlayStation 4 Slim, the Xbox One S, and the Nintendo Switch. Now when you’re stepping forward to 4K gaming, however, it requires a premium amount to pay. The PS4 Pro charges an extra $100 onto the price. $200 for The Xbox One X. The calculation is clear here: enhanced PlayStation VR and 4k gaming performance on the PlayStation 4 may cost you up to $400. It’s recommended as you enjoy the excellent ‘Tetris effect’. But if you want to experience Forza Horizon 4 in 4K on the Xbox, it will cost you up to $500.


The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both have the best gamepad. With trigger buttons and a more rounded feel, you can find the version of Xbox One. Even though the gamepad is slightly updated on the Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox One gamepad is excellent! Easy compatibility with PCs and Bluetooth connectivity make it more attractive. Through the Xbox Design Lab, you can custom your own Xbox One controller including colors and patterns!

Switch, however, works uniquely. With its connection efficiency with a home console and a handheld console, it has become a more efficient controller. When you want to play, just snap the two Joy-Con controllers onto the sides or that connect wirelessly to the system. However, in a few systems, gamers felt the left Joy-Con is not responsive enough.

Online Services

To play online games, you need to purchase the premium subscription plan. The PlayStation 4 uses the PlayStation Network, and the Xbox One uses Xbox Live to access online services.

Recently, Nintendo Switch has launched Nintendo Switch Online and is required to play most of the Switch games online.

There’s a tough fight between the PlayStation, the Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. With a larger budget, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are available in your 4k gaming powerhouse. You have a lot of choices but It’s always hard to make your mind about these things. This article will help you to be prepared to fit the best!

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