How to Select the Best Asphalt Paving Contractor for Your Construction Site

Over 94% of Australia’s paved roads are surfaced with asphalt. These pavements are favoured by construction contractors, commercial business owners, and house owners. This extremely versatile paving solution can protect your driveways, parking facilities, and other surfaces from damage and make them more functional.

However, the quality of asphalt paving would depend primarily on the expertise and service quality of the pavement contractor you choose. While several companies offer paving solutions, finding a company that understands your specific driveway or road paving needs and delivers value may be challenging.

Basing the decision purely on internet reviews and ratings may not be a good idea since paving projects involve a lot of money. You may shortlist a few reputable paving contractors in your location and compare quotes from each of them to choose the best contractor. You may also consider these additional points to find a paving contractor.

Licenses and Certifications

Check if the pavement contractors you choose have the required licenses and certifications. Asphalt used for paving is a porous material mainly used for driveway and parking lot paving. The black-petroleum-like material is available in various qualities and consistency.

Compounds like hydrogen, oxygen, and sulphur make up the material. It takes training and experience to carry out asphalt paving correctly and effectively. Therefore paving contractors are required to have contractor’s licenses in Australia.

You may also check if the contractor has additional accreditations and certifications from authorities in the construction field. For instance, verify if the contractor you choose has accreditations from the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association.

Plant and Equipment Used

Asphalt is sticky and highly viscous. Construction contractors often use bitumen to enhance the quality and durability of the asphalt surface. Bitumen is a liquid binding agent that holds asphalt together. The material also helps seal the asphalt surface.

Once the paving is done, the contractors spray a layer of bitumen over the asphalt surface to ensure additional sealing. You may also consider the other material and resources that the contractor uses. These experts use road construction machines, laser-guided transits, geo-grids, and other technologies to perform the job faster.

Advanced construction contractors often use proven hydraulic technologies for paving. You gain several benefits by choosing a paving contractor that uses the latest equipment and technology for asphalt paving.

Service Quality of the Contractor

Go through reviews and other information on the contractor’s website to assess their service excellence. Also, check if the contractor prioritises safety procedures and protocols.

They should use protective gear and equipment during the process. The contractor should follow through on safety and quality requirements from the beginning to the end.

A well-paved asphalt surface is smooth and crack-free. If the contractor has completed a paving project for a friend, family member, or neighbour, inspect the work in person to assess the quality.

These professionals often give you brochures of the projects they have completed so far. Check if the contractor you choose has any notable projects you are familiar with on the list.

Experience and Expertise

Study the experience and expertise of the construction contractor. A professional with decades of experience will probably know the best civil paving solutions and techniques.

These experts will also help you identify if asphalt is the best material for paving your driveway or parking lot. A reputed contractor with considerable experience paving highways and other famous roads or streets in your location can efficiently handle all your paving needs.

Solutions Offered

Besides standard paving solutions, contractors may also offer additional services like pavement or road restoration, road shoulders, and streetscape. Identify your paving requirements correctly before looking for a contractor.

If you need comprehensive paving services, it’s best to choose a construction contractor offering a wide range of solutions. These professionals may offer services such as road profiling, milling, landscaping, crack sealing, and hot bitumen seals for already paved roads.

Pricing and Policies

The price charged by the contractor should align with your budget. Reputed contractors who use the highest-quality material and the latest equipment may charge higher prices than amateur contractors who use cheap materials and outdated equipment.

Consider all aspects associated with the project and your specific requirements while comparing prices offered by different contractors.

You may also study the policies, terms, and conditions in the construction agreement. Look for hidden costs or conditions in the agreement. Ensure that the contractor offers transparent service quotes.

Whether your paving requirements are limited to simple crack sealing or are as extensive as industrial paving, it is essential to choose the best contractor for the job. The contractor you choose should offer advanced paving solutions at nominal rates.

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