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How Dirty Are Your Gaming Consoles?

If you were asked to mention the things in your home that were dirty, you would probably say things like the inside of the washing machine and the toilet bowl – and to be honest with you, you wouldn’t be wrong. We all know that there are areas within our home that have a tendency to be dirty, so we look after those and clean them regularly. However, there are places that we miss through lack of knowledge and your games console is definitely one of them. A recent study has shown that game consoles are often dirtier than a toilet in the home; which is definitely something all gaming console owners should be aware of.

Why Are Gaming Consoles So Dirty?

A big part of this comes down to how we use gaming consoles. They’re often part of a social event so controllers are shared between a group – and if people haven’t washed their hands this can be the start of the problem. Gamers tend to be able to multitask too – so smoking or eating while gaming, which is just going to result in the controller becoming mucky. However, most of us don’t even consider this and therefore don’t clean our gaming consoles as much as we would other dirty places in our home, which just results in them becoming even dirtier.

Of course, then people touch them when they are at this level of grime and pass around the germs and bacteria that are on them – a whole vicious circle of dirt that most of us haven’t even considered. To be honest, if someone asked you which was dirtier your games console or your toilet seat, you wouldn’t even consider that your PlayStation or X Box could be that dirty.

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How To Fix The Problem

No one wants a dirty gaming console, so you’ll be glad to know that the problem is relatively easy to fix. One of the easiest is to make sure that you don’t smoke or eat while using your games console – the same can be said for laptops and PCS, whose computer keywords are well known for harbouring germs where food crumbs are dropped. Just step away from your games console while you have a cigarette, or a snack and you’ll notice the difference.

You probably don’t want to stop social gaming and your friends using your controllers, so just take charge of keeping them clean when everyone is finished. Anti-bacterial wipes aren’t expensive so keep a pack of these nearby. That way, when everyone has finished playing you can give the console and the controllers a wipe over before you put everything away – making sure they’re nice and clean for the next time you want to play!

Adding your games console into your cleaning routine is a good idea too. So next time you get the hoover out or it’s the day to change the bedding, get out a duster and give the whole console a wipe, including around the back where the wires are, as this can be an absolute dirt-trap.

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