7 Different Types Of Shirts

If there’s anything a guy can never have too many, it’s t-shirts. We say the more, the better because this versatile piece of clothing works perfectly for casual and smart-casual occasions and is an excellent base for many outfits.

The shops are full of tees of different styles, colours and patterns, and it sometimes can get a little overwhelming to understand all the differences and decide what works best for you. Our recommendation is to have a few different types in your closet like snoop dogg shirt and eminem shirt so you’re covered in any situation.

Here are 7 different types of shirts every guy should know.

The Crewneck

The most popular and beloved tee among guys, young and old, is definitely the crewneck. It has a round neckline, no collar and can be worn as an undergarment, for layering or on its own.

The hooded neck style generally features a crew or round neckline with a hooded structure. It gives the shirt a sporty look that you can flaunt in a gym or at sports.

The t shirt designs with such necklines are common in sweatshirts and hoodies.

The crewneck looks good on guys of all shapes and sizes as long as you get the fit right.

Without a doubt, you should have a few crewnecks in different colours, starting with the classics like white, black and grey and building on with fresh pastel colours of blues, greens or pinks.

We love a white crewneck with dark blue denim trousers, a black one with chinos and colourful ones paired with shorts all summer long!

The V-Neck 

The second most popular t-shirt style is a V-neck. As the name suggests, its neckline is in the shape of the letter V and works great for guys with broader shoulders or a couple of extra lbs to give them that slimmed-down look.

While deep V-necks got a bad rep in the 2000s (deservingly so), currently popular shallow necklines look great with a blazer, vest or sweater or as an undershirt since they’re collar-less.

V-necks are an excellent choice for when you want to look a little bit more put-together, and high-quality t-shirts can even work under a lightweight casual suit or semi-formal blazer.

The Henley 

The Henley hey-dey was somewhere in the 2010s when every male celebrity seemed to own one. And we have nothing against it! A Henley tee has a buttoning placket that gives it a nice little twist.

It’s more unusual than the classic crewneck, so it’s a great choice when you want to try something fresh.

And if you’ve been working out, this type of tee is the perfect way to show off those guns and broad chest!

Henleys are pretty casual, so pair them with chinos, cargos or shorts. Leave the blazer at home!

The Polo

Fancy-schmancy and beloved by golfers and dads, Polos are now “in” with the younger crowd too. The collared t-shirt is more formal than your other tees, but it’s still casual enough for a laidback weekend.

We love that you can sport even bright hues as Polos are traditionally colourful and fun.

This classic style can be dressed up by pairing it with suit pants, loafers and a blazer or dressed down with simple jeans and sneakers.

The Scoop Neck 

The Scoop Neck is not as common as the other tees, but it’s a great style for guys who are not afraid to experiment.

The neckline is round and hangs a few inches below the collarbone, so if you love necklaces, this is a great style to show them off.

It’s a casual tee, so pair it with jeans, sneakers and maybe add a simple scarf for when it gets chilly.

The Sleeveless 

Sleeveless tops are the ultimate summer go-to for those extra hot days. They are very casual, so don’t even think of pairing them with blazers or formal trousers.

You also will probably want to have spent at least some time working on those biceps because sleeveless tees bare it all (that’s why they’re called muscle tops sometimes).

It’s a great choice for the beach, weekend in nature and paired with simple shorts and sneakers or slides.

There you have it, 7 different types of shirts. We don’t have space for more, but if you want to find even more diversity in shirt types, check out this full list of 20 kinds of tees by Fresh Clean Tees:

We hope you find the right one for you!

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