7 Best Personal Technology Gifts for Kids

7 Best Personal Technology Gifts for Kids

The process of choosing the ideal gift for children is often a difficult choice. You want to avoid getting something highly impersonal and boring like a gift card, but also can’t help to connect with the generational gap that’s bound to be present. Technology, therefore, is a good way to go. But what would really resonate with kids? Well, we’re here to dish out the latest in technology news for kids and help you select that perfect gift.

The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

The latest in Amazon’s increasing catalogue of e-reader tablets, it is also perhaps their most versatile in terms of usability. Though the Kindle series is definitely their more popular tablet, its functionality is limited to reading, as effective as it is in that capacity. The Fire 7 functions more like a typical tablet, doing all sorts of online and offline tasks that kids today can really get a kick out of. The 7 inches & 171 ppi toting device costs around $49.99, which lands it in a better price range than its successor, the Fire 8 HD.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Unlike the Xbox and PlayStation series, that are quickly migrating games to their newer consoles, the Switch still has a decent line-up of exclusives and has remained relevant in the technology news for kids. Nintendo’s tendency towards making solid gameplay with bright visuals that evoke interest in children and even adults makes the Switch a solid entry. It also lets parents have some personal time with their children, playing away at Mario Odyssey or the likes. With the Lite coming in at $199 in the States, and much cheaper in the East, the handheld device packs a lot of bang for its buck.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

A lot of activities that kids indulge in rely on online media, be it listening to songs on Spotify, enjoying a podcast or audiobook, or even getting your life together in the form of to-do lists and all. Well, how about a central hub that does all of that? The Echo Dot 4th generation, costing $49.99, is an all-purpose device powered by the Alexa AI that sets alarms, plays songs and podcasts, and narrates audiobooks. It is an all-around useful item for our online-entertainment savvy kids.

Holy Stone HS161 Drone

What’s a fun activity? Taking photos. What’s another fun activity? Flying a drone. The Holy Stone Drone, another entry on this list from Amazon, combines both activities in a relatively inexpensive package, making a fun entry for slightly older kids. Even younger kids can get a kick out of flying the drone and taking photos with it, provided an adult’s presence of course. At $64.99, it may not be a bargain but it’s still a great present.

Apple AirPods

These are a staple of any technology news for kids, and even adults. The AirPods are just an incredibly useful, portable set of Bluetooth earpieces that are surprisingly adherent to ears as well. Combined with kids relying more on devices during lockdown for classes, social media, and what-not, these items may be on the pricier end of the stick (being $99 at Walmart, but cheaper elsewhere) but are well worth it.

Sphero Mini

Let’s hone in on our younger demographic here, and bring up the Sphero Mini. An adorable-looking robotic sphere that kids can choose to drive it around anywhere like a personal BB-8 (Star Wars reference for all the fans out there). It also works in conjunction with the Sphero App, working as a controller on STEM-related games, getting some education in as well. It’s a fun item, coming in at $49.99, and promises to be the apple of every child’s eye.

Lego BOOST Star Wars

This entry on our list is literally designed to cater to kids in every way possible. Legos? Check. Star Wars? Check! There is literally no way anyone can go wrong with these. Working in conjunction with the BOOST app, much like our Sphero Mini, kids can both build beloved figurines such as R2-D2 and the mouse droid, while also playing fun problem-solving games on the app that even go as far as to teach kids basic coding. With the wide variety of available sets, your personal touch is easily visible in these tech gizmos.

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