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7 Feminine Products that were Originally Created for Men

Have you ever thought that products like high heels and handbags were made for men? Yes, you heard it right. Many items were already created for men but now being used by women. There could be tons of reasons behind this. Some of them gave the reason that those products were not useful for men and more useful for women. Hence these items got switched later due to practical reasons. Women are known to shop more than men. Hence this was also considered as the reason to swap the products to increase the sales.

Crop Tops

Crop tops were invented for men. You will be shocked to hear this. It was already a part of fashion for several years. The game of crop tops started in the 1970s. It was started by the bodybuilders who used to cut off the bottom of their shirts to match the gym dress code. These crop tops helped men to work out in the gym with the feeling of lesser clothes. The trend hit back again in the year the ’80s when Hollywood celebrities started flaunting it on red carpets. If you wish to buy these crop tops for yourself then you can get them from https://dailyjocks.com.au/.

High Heels

Have you ever imagined men roaming around in high heels? High heels were invented for men first and it was the time of the 17th century when it was made available for women. These high heels were first made for Persian soldiers in the 10th century. These heels used to help them to ride the horses properly by locking their feet into the stirrups. These heels were used to keep accuracy and balance while shooting the arrows during the war. It was the time of the 18th century when men finally dumped high heels.

Bra Clasp

Do you know that Bra Clasps were initially invented to replace suspenders? Bra Clasp was invented by Mark Twain in the year 1871 when he got the patent for the hook. He used to use these clasps with shirts, corsets and underwear to keep them in place. Twain used to find the suspenders uncomfortable while wearing the trousers. Hence these bra clasps came into existence. This product consisted of an eye and a hook. This used to look like a fastener that was used to hold the trousers to the waist.


You might have seen men carrying laptops or backpacks. But have you ever imagined men carrying the handbag the way women carry? Handbags were originally invented long ago for men to keep their money. Generally, these bags used to be attached with the belt around the waist. It was the time of the 18th century when women started using these handbags in the form of pouches which used to be held with the help of a drawstring. The new-look of a modern bag was invented in the year 1900. Later fashion designers took inspiration from it and started designing handbags for women.

Sanitary Pads

You would be shocked to hear that sanitary pads were invented for men during world war II. The first pad was invented by Kimberly Clark Corporation with the help of paper and pulp. They used specific cotton to make it which is known as cellucotton that consumes more water than regular cotton. These pads were generally used for dressing the injured soldiers during the war. But at that time some of the nurses discovered that it can be even during the menstrual period. It was the year 1920 when the first brand Kotex had come out as an official brand for sanitary napkins for women.


Stockings are one of the favourite things of women but you would be surprised to know that they were made for men. Before the 18th-century stockings were worn by the upper-classmen. This trend had started in the 9th century. From the 18th century, stockings were made available to women as well.

Skinny Jeans

The first skinny jeans were invented by Jacob Davis in the year 1873 which was only made for men. Later on in the year 1930, Levi started making skinny jeans for women. It was earlier made for older women but later they moved to the younger women section as well.

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