7 Focal Points To Help You Get Fully Rested Each Day

Physical Rest

When your body is physically exhausted and needs rest, it lets you know. You get sleepy, and it is hard to keep your eyes open. Exhaustion might even make your trek to bed seem like there is quicksand in the way. Sleep is how you get the majority of your rest each day. If you regularly feel lethargic, perhaps it is best you make an attempt to go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night.

You can also help your body catch up on physical rest by pursuing other activities. Throughout the day, you can do deep breathing exercises, and perhaps you could find the time for some restorative yoga. Stretching your body helps with relaxation, and your body feels more rested. You will also provide your body with more energy.  Ensure that you are comfortable when you go to bed, read these mattress tips to find the best one for you.

Mental Rest

Does your brain feel overworked? If you are mentally exhausted and frustrated, then it is time for mental rest and relaxation. Perhaps confusion has set in, or you have been staring at something you were supposed to be working on the last 5 minutes. Negative thoughts can set in, and then you start to judge your performance.

When you need to take a break mentally, turn those screens off and relax. Pray or meditate, allowing your body to calm down and get the soothing it desperately needs. After a few minutes of mental relaxation, you are likely going to find yourself in a much better place.

Social Rest

Socializing is fun, but it is also tiring and can be downright exhausting as well. Restorative social experiences need to be balanced with those experiences that can be a little draining. A person’s biggest issue can sometimes be social rest. If you are a hard worker, overachiever, and extremely competitive, well, then social rest might be what you need the most. What does social rest mean to you?

Maybe you need to schedule a visit with an old friend just to shoot the breeze. Perhaps it is time to take a break from electronic communication for the night, staying off of Zoom, social media, etc. This in-your-face communication can drain you socially to the point you need a break.

Creative Rest

Most likely, you use your creativity a lot more than you realize throughout the day. Brainstorming at work, planning events, orchestrating your household, and more require a lot of creativity. Tapping into that creative thinking ability you rely upon can also tire you and usher in the need for creative rest.

Go for a walk in nature, or read a book. Find your inspiration in what relaxes and indulges you in a good way. You have to replenish those creative resources and ease the pressure.

Emotional Rest

Emotions run high during certain times, particularly during life events, such as funerals, breakups, and even dramatic movies. Sometimes you need to vent to a good listener. The more you let out, the better off you are going to be when trying to prevent emotional overload in the coming days.

Therapy sessions are also a good idea. Furthermore, you want to identify the people you can be yourself around because that will help you stay rested emotionally as well.

Spiritual Rest

Do you feel lonely? Maybe you are feeling slightly unhinged or unanchored. Remember that your body needs spiritual rest, too. Talk to God, seek out your sense of purpose and get back in touch with your spiritual foundation. You need that ground under your feet for context. If you have some free time, consider volunteering to help out a cause. Or perhaps you might want to talk to a good friend about the world and where it stands.

Sensory Rest

Sensory exhaustion is more draining than most people think. Sensory exhaustion brings about eye strain, neck tension, headaches, and more. Professionals even attest to many relationship issues resulting from sensory exhaustion, as it can hinder intimacy according to here.

Set aside that technology and get some real face time. Get a breath of fresh air. Staring at a screen when it is unnecessary, like at night while you are resting, is not going to help you. Make you you are also focused on sensory rest.

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