7 Hacks to Make Your Cannabis High Last Longer

For loyal herb indulgers, the effects of a smoke session will inevitably weaken with time and use. The more you light up, the more cannabis you’ll have to consume to reach an average high. Not only will the intensity decrease, but you’ll also notice your high lasting a much shorter timespan.

Knowing you are slowly approaching an unsatisfying smoking experience is enough to make any stoner pessimistic. Luckily, there are several ways you can reset your herb tolerance and extend the effects. Consider these seven hacks to make your cannabis high last longer.

Try a different consumption method

If you’ve been using the same resin-filled pipe for years, it’s probably time to switch up your standard routine. Try out a more potent delivery method, like dabbing or vaping. Quality dab rigs like those from MJ Arsenal offer a clean high that lasts for hours. You might also consider edibles, which pack a powerful punch in just a few quick bites.

Change your diet

Some stoners might be surprised to know that adding a few healthy options to their diet would positively impact their smoking sessions. Mangoes, in particular, contain chemicals that interact with Mary Jane to heighten the impact. Try snacking on a fresh mango a few minutes before you light up. Other items to keep in your pantry include dark chocolate, green tea, and nuts.

Hit the gym

Body fat absorbs THC and slows the release of high-inducing chemicals into your brain. Maintaining a healthy exercise routine will significantly impact the quality of your high and elevate your mood in the process. Studies have shown that exercising releases energizing endorphins that produce a “runner’s high.” Some have linked the phenomenon to the endocannabinoid system, which is also impacted when smoking herb. Try pairing a light run with a few puffs for the ultimate experience.

Upgrade your storage

Even the most potent bud can produce a weak high if not stored properly. If you’ve been keeping your stash in a loosely sealed plastic bag, upgrading your system is a worthy endeavor. Consider high-tech options like steel and glass jars with humidity controls. You can also place a citrus peel in with your nugs for a few hours. The acidity reduces dryness and infuses the strain with an appealing scent.

Don’t dismiss a hotbox

There’s a reason stoners praise a good hotbox session. Smoking in a confined space is perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to intensify your high. Find a small room that is easily sealed off and light up with a few friends. Make sure to close ventilation systems and close gaps between door frames. After the smoke fills the room, each inhale becomes a small herbaceous hit.

Try a different routine

Apart from switching up your consumption method, you should also try altering your smoking routine. Lighting up at a different time than usual catches your brain off guard and intensifies your high. So if you usually smoke in the morning, try indulging in an evening session instead.

Take a t-break

Of course, not every stoner wants to abstain from smoking, but doing so will reset your tolerance to herb. For heavy smokers, try taking a tolerance break for at least 21 days for THC to leave your system completely. Although it might seem like forever, the resulting high is well worth it. Just imagine being able to experience cannabis for the first time once again.


There’s no avoiding a slowly weakening high, especially if you indulge daily. But with these simple hacks, you can rekindle a potent smoking experience in no time.

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