LED High bay lights

Installation of LED High bay lights in warehouses or industries

LED high bay lights are of high importance when it comes to warehouses and industries. It is quite beneficial to learn the impacts of eco-friendly and sustainable lighting options when it comes to long-term business plans. It is important to learn the basics of LED lighting to get the best out of these fixtures as there is a wide range of LED high bays available in the market with a range of prices. It is highly recommended to prefer quality when it comes to choosing any brand for your setup.

High bay LED lights to require proper setup before installation as these light fixtures are different from other light fixtures in terms of installation as well as power. Therefore, it is important to work a layout prior to purchase.

How to make a lighting layout for your space

A photometric study of the area is essential to conduct prior to installation

1.  Calculate the area

The area includes horizontal and vertical space which requires illumination. It helps in determining the number of fixtures as well as lumen output.

2.  Calculating lumen requirement

Lumen requirement is quite a necessity before purchasing fixtures. When it comes to LED fixtures, the brightness is measured in lumens. They are brighter than traditional lighting options so it is important to have a layout that goes with the suggestible lumen output.

Installation of High bay lights

The installation is pretty simple once the background process is done. It is highly essential to hire electricians for the task to avoid any complications in the future. A few parameters which should not be overlooked while installation is:

1.  Selecting the wattage

LED high bay lights are available in different wattages suited for different spaces. It entirely depends on space’s requirement, for example, a warehouse needs less wattage than an industry. It depends on the tasks being carried out in that area.

Industries require Linear high bay lights whereas warehouses or other areas with comparatively lower ceilings require UFO high bays. LED high bay lights are available in 100W, 200W, 300W, or as much as 600W. Different areas function on different wattages, an efficient and recommended approach is selecting higher lumen to lower wattage ratio. It is efficient and decreases extra load.

2.  Spacing of the fixtures

The layout helps determine the spacing between each fixture. It is highly important in order to avoid any blockages, bright spots, or dark spots. Effective illumination levels are achieved only by proper spacing and installation height of the fixture.

The fixtures support two kinds of mounting options:

1.   Surface mounting

Each high bay fixture has mounting brackets present at the back of the fixture which attaches to the ceiling surface of modular ceilings and clamps shut. It is highly objective as different ceiling designs and heights support different mounting options.

2.   Suspend mounting

Suspend mounting option is essentially useful in spaces with higher ceilings ( 45 feet or above). Here to enhance the layering the fixtures can both be suspended through chains or surface mounted to fulfill the illumination requirement of the area. The mounting brackets have hooks or crannies which allow chains or wires to pass through them. It allows suspension of fixtures at any height for effective illumination.

Advantages of LED high bays

LED high bay lights to offer a number of advantages over traditional lighting. Few of which are:

1.  They are Energy efficient

LED high bays are energy efficient in terms of wattage consumption. These lights give higher brightness levels than any other counterpart at low energy consumption which is quite beneficial for areas that function round the clock and have several other processes ongoing simultaneously. They don’t require any start-up time or malfunction due to the fixture heating up. Instead, they have an efficient built-in heat sink that dissipates heat regularly and keeps the fixture cool and functioning.

2.  They are Low maintenance

LED light fixtures are quite low maintenance. These fixtures are built to last several years and have a perpetual light function which is highly beneficial for task-oriented spaces. They save up the time, money, and labor spent on frequent replacement and maintenance which causes a halt to some ongoing processes around the workspace.

3.  Uniform and directional lighting

The light from the fixtures is peculiarly smart and energy-efficient. Most of the standard lighting counterparts deviate from the mechanism of supplying light at a fixed angle. This causes a huge chunk of energy to go to waste before it hits the point of illumination. LED high bay lights to have a fixed beam angle, the light projected hits the point of illumination without any obstruction or dispersion in the surroundings. In this way, energy loss is minimized and a uniform lighting pattern is achieved.

Moreso, the light can be directed at any elevation level for enhanced illumination and focus. This kind of lighting is quite essential in warehouses where there are storage shelves lined up with raw material.


The selected parameters for a lighting layout are subjective as each space has its unique function and requirements. LED high bay lights to allow the consumer to select the most adequate pattern with these specifications which was hardly an option in the past. The upgrade from the traditional light sources to LEDs brings about many advantages other than just enhanced brightness levels. These fixtures are a futuristic approach towards safe and eco-friendly lighting.

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