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3 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Can Save You Money

Whether you have a small or large business, employee scheduling software is a valuable investment. The convenience of using an employee or resource scheduling tool with Outlook integration allows you to plan shifts and create a more efficient business environment.

By combining the benefits of employee schedule software with a sound time management system, you can achieve the desired result: a more productive team, a reduced turnover rate, and better profits.

What is employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software makes the process of creating shifts for your workers much easier—it allows employees to enter their preferred or unavailable working hours, which can be referenced when crafting schedules.

You can then make those shifts available to your employees, which they can view from any permitted device. If an employee doesn’t like the shift they have or can’t work, they have the option to swap shifts and request covers as needed.

In short, employee scheduling software allows you to ensure that you’ve got the proper employees scheduled to meet business demands with minimal manual oversight.

How can scheduling software save you money?

The benefits of implementing this tool are plentiful. Besides reducing turnover, it also improves employee engagement and can help you identify excessive labor costs that a simple schedule change can resolve.

Let’s look at the top three ways to save money by implementing an employee scheduling system!

Retain Your Best Workers

The cost of turnover is high because it causes lost productivity and eats into your labor budget and because it lowers morale and productivity. While there are many ways to minimize the cost of turnover, one of the most effective is using employee scheduling software.

An automated scheduling solution allows you to plan worker schedules days, even months, in advance. Employees appreciate having early access to their schedules as it will enable them to plan their personal lives accordingly and prepare for their upcoming shifts.

Scheduling software can also help businesses adhere to employee-friendly laws, such as workweek restrictions and minimum rest periods—all of which are crucial to ensuring employee workplace satisfaction.

Reduce Labor Costs

Using time clock and scheduling software is one of the best ways to control labor costs and improve efficiency. It can provide you with valuable information on staff hours and workload and help you track and analyze those hours against your goals.

By integrating your scheduling software with other business systems, you can better match labor with sales. You can then optimize labor hour spending and give employees more desirable shifts. And, as long as you have the right amount of staff on hand, you’ll have an efficient work schedule.

You will always need to make last-minute changes to employee schedules, resulting in unexpected labor costs. But with cloud-based employee scheduling software, you can still forecast the majority of your workforce needs—thereby reducing your labor costs.

Adjust for Demand

Another benefit of using scheduling software is that it helps businesses prepare for volume changes. Having the correct number of qualified employees on the job can maximize revenue and minimize costly customer service issues.

Word travels fast, and If people come to know your business for always being short-staffed or for having high prices because you’re always overstaffed, then you’re going to take a hit at all levels of your business.

Luckily, with web-based employee scheduling software, you can use historical data to find times when business was slow or when more workers were required.

The benefits are clear: Using employee scheduling software can help you save money. Not only can it help you save money, but it allows you always to ensure that employees are not being overworked and that they’re being fairly scheduled.

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