8 Ball Pool

Learn pool rules and best strategy to win in all its variants here

8 Ball Pool is holding perfect momentum in today’s society and people love playing this wonderful game. Players have liked the game so much that many tournaments are organized all over the world. People also prefer to play it in online mode and are also getting paid on online apps such as GetMega, winzo, etc.

Players have discovered different variants of the game worldwide. If you are trying to learn pool rules, tips, and tricks of different variants, then, of course, you are at the right place. Here are the best tips and tricks with rules of different variants for you to learn pool.

There are many variants of the pool but for you to make it easier to understand, here are primarily 2 categories.

  1. Straight pool
  2. Chinese pool

Rules of straight pool

  1. The breaking of the rack is different in an 8 ball pool and straight pool. The difference is the rack is in a triangle in an 8 ball pool but diamond-shaped in a straight pool.
  2. In a straight pool, you are allowed to pot any ball you want rather than potting your group ones.
  3. Till the time you are hitting the ball, you have the chance. But when you fail, your opponent may get the turn.
  4. After hitting the object ball, your cue ball must hit the rails or cushions of the pool table. Either it will be considered a foul.
  5. The cue ball must hit the object ball, if not, then it is also a foul.
  6. The player is allowed to pocket any ball at any time during the game, unlike an 8 ball pool.
  7. When the 14 object ball is potted, then you can continue your turn, when the set is racked again by potting 15-ball.

The above rules are straight pool, which may help you learn pool. Now, let’s take a look at the Chinese pool.

Rules of Chinese pool

Chinese pool is easy to learn but a little bit difficult for mastering. You may need more time for practicing. But don’t worry, here are the rules for it that may help you to learn pool.

  1. You have to follow all the rules of the game, this will make the game easier and more interesting.
  2. You need to break the rack legally, else you will need to re-rack it.
  3. This game is slightly different from the other variants of the pool. As in this, you can shoot by cue stick during breaking only. Else, during the gameplay, you have to shoot the object ball without the cue stick. This rule makes the game a little bit difficult but amazing.
  4. Before pocketing the object ball, you have to announce in which pocket you are going to pot your ball. If not, this will be considered a foul.
  5. After hitting the object ball, either your cue ball or object ball has to touch the rails or cushions of the table. When not touched, you lose the chance.
  6. Suppose, your cue ball hits the object ball but was unable to pot the ball. Then it is known as “loss of turn”. This means that your opponent got a chance to play.

Strategies for Straight pool and Chinese pool

  • Familiarize yourself with rules

Before playing any game, you have to familiarize yourself with rules to win. If you know all the rules then, it will be easier for you to make strategies.

  • Do simple gameplay

Use the trick shots as little as you can in both straight pool and Chinese pool. This is unlike an 8 ball pool. The reason is your cue ball must hit the rails or cushions of the table, else it will be your foul. And the potted ball might be of no use. So, take simple shots as much as you can.

  • Target your ball

Before taking any shot, you must think of where your cue ball will strike after hitting. This will make your shots more accurate and finish all your confusion.

  • Focus and be patient

While playing the game, your opponent might chat with you to destroy your aim and streak. So, you have to be patient and avoid replying. Focus on your cue ball and target ball. Sometimes, you can use the vice-versa of this trick to win the game.


With the above rules, tips, and tricks, you can learn pool easily. Make sure to follow all the rules of every game, as the restrictions make the game more interesting. Secondly, practice is the only thing which will make you win every match. For practice, there is no need to go to different pool centers. You can do it from your home by using an online gaming app like GetMega. Here, you will find the same pool vibes and will have fun playing it. Moreover, it offers you real-time cash and exciting prizes for winning, which makes the games more interesting. So, you can have some amazing fun.


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