7 LinkedIn Profile Writing Features that you need to know

7 LinkedIn Profile Writing Features that you need to know

Whether you are looking for a new job or wish to increase your visibility or popularity, putting up your skills and achievements is vital to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Most of us think that branding and marketing are only for companies but that is not true. First of all, you have to promote yourself to your potential employers so that everyone is aware of your capabilities as an individual. You can either create a profile for yourself or hire LinkedIn profile writing services to do the job for you.

1. LinkedIn Summary

What most of us fail to understand while writing on LinkedIn is the fact that this platform is a bit informal. You are expected to share more here, show your personality and share your thoughts. Write your career goals, achievements and the relevant skills in this section. Put a great deal of thought into your mission statement as it is the essence of your profile. You can share your career story and not just list your achievements like a robot. Do not forget to mention a call to action and mention if you are looking for a new job or simply increasing your network.

2. Work experience

The work and education sections on LinkedIn are more or less like your CV. However, your work experiences should be quick and not too detailed that they become boring. If you are a fresher then add your college achievements that may be relevant to the job you are looking for. Pick the top skills or responsibilities that describe you the best as the whole point of this platform is for the others to know you. Ensure that your profile is complete so fill out every section on LinkedIn. If you are not confident in writing then you can always reach out to LinkedIn profile writers.

3. Keywords

Optimising your LinkedIn profile once it is complete is significant. Search for keywords that are relevant to the industry you specialize in. Including these keywords will enhance your visibility and the employers will be able to find you easily among millions of people. Without the inclusion of keywords, it would be really difficult to get exposure. There are several LinkedIn profile writing services in India that solve this problem for you.

4. Choose Quantifiable Results

When you are mentioning your achievements, be specific about them by including numbers. For instance, if you helped over 10,000 clients in your previous job then that information is worth mentioning. Using statistics and data makes you sound confident so this factor is a must. However, be precise of whatever you write and do not extend things. If you are writing a summary then complete it in 3 paragraphs and not more than that.

5. Review your profile

Once you are done with your profile, ensure that you review it time and again. Keep on adding your achievements or skills that your next employers may be looking for. Your profile should be updated at all times as it may be a big turn off for the employers to see contradictions. Moreover, your profile should reflect your personality.

6. Uniqueness

There are millions of profiles on LinkedIn and several of them go unnoticed. That is why there must be at least one factor about your profile which makes you stand out from the rest. Do not copy-paste things because this is not your resume. A little bit of character is significant for your profile so that it appeals to others. Also, don’t mention things like you are a hardworking and caring person because it is too mainstream. You can consult the LinkedIn profile writing team for more suggestions.

7. Be Honest

It is no secret that employers cross-check every information you provide them with. Do not mention things just for the sake of writing. Be brutally honest while jotting down your achievements, work experience as well as your hard skills. Also, if there was a gap in your career years then explain why did it happen or how much time did you take a break for. It would be great to keep things out in the open so even if the employers do a background check on, they won’t find anything.

Final Words

These were the 7 tips for LinkedIn profile writing. Let your profile be creative and narrate your career story. Keep your originality intact while building a powerful profile that will impress everyone and will increase your popularity.

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