curl hair with flat iron
curl hair with flat iron

How to curl hair with flat iron

Curling hair can be tricky if you don’t know the right techniques. Here we will show you how to curl hair with flat iron. Besides, we recommend the flat iron manufacturer, so that you can choose the best hair iron.

Smooth hair has gained ground in curly hair in recent decades. But the ’80s are coming back, and the curly styles of all kinds are coming back too.

However, what is not coming back is the taste for curly perm ones, which, in addition to being expensive, slow, and heavy for those who make them, involve a lot of chemicals that can greatly damage the hair.

Types of hair curling iron

Curling hair with an iron is one of the simplest and most effective options among which we can choose if we want to save some money on the hairdresser. Curling our hair offers some clear advantages over other methods, such as the fact that the curl thus obtained is not permanent. Depending on how we use the plates, we can make different hairstyles without changing tools. Besides, it is very easy to learn how to curl hair with flat iron yourself.

Although curling hair is possible with any hair straightener, we should keep in mind that there are irons specifically indicated for curling hair and that they are basically of three types:

  • Tubular plates, which are used the same as flat plates, but adapted to the curve of curls.
  • Molding plates, which often carry accessories for different types of curling.
  • Flat sheets for straight hair that incorporate aerating plates for molding.

Best flat iron manufactures

There is a wide variety of hair irons, available in various models and prices. The best known are Remington, Brau.

Flat iron manufacturer Remington has created one of the newest products on the market. It is a light and very manageable hair straightener.  These flat irons have a double function, smoothing and curling, and having narrow plates, it is very easy to mark the waves.

Also, it has ultra-fast heating, and the cable is quite long and rotating, plus it includes a thermal cover which is appreciated.

The flat iron manufacturer Braun has introduced it in a modern sensor system. In contact with hair, this system analyzes it by on-screen instructions. For example, if you have it wet, it will tell you to dry your hair with the hairdryer.

If your hair is thick, you will have to choose to use it in manual mode as this way it heats up more than in automatic mode and thus molds you without a problem.

And if you are concerned about hair deterioration, it is best to use it in automatic mode; He’ll take care of you. It leaves your hair soft, and you can customize it as it saves up to 3 profiles, in case you want to share it with two people.

As you know, the GDH brand is the most valued in almost all comparisons and opinions and the most used within the high-end. The flat iron manufacturer GDH proposes an innovative system of thermal sensors. The system continuously measures and applies different temperatures to the hair according to its condition to protect it.

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As you can see, each flat iron manufacturer meticulously takes care of their hair irons to design high-quality devices, using the latest technology.

How to curl hair with flat iron

The first is to check the iron temperature, it must be hot. Try to be careful not to burn. Besides, you have to observe certain precautions so as not to damage the hair. Do not forget to apply some heat protector on the hair before using it and ask another person for help for the back of the head, especially if you have long hair. It is also better to use ceramic plates instead of metal plates, which are heated much more.

Now let’s look at how to curl hair with flat iron:

  1. Before starting, the hair should be completely dry, and preferably smooth. If it is wet, it will not curl as you want.
  2. When you finish washing your hair, make sure you have to dry it with the dryer. Smooth it with some kind of mousse or foam that gives it volume.
  3. Preheat the iron to the minimum temperature required, which depends on the amount of hair in each lock and the strength of the hair. Fragile or, fine hair can burn more easily.
  4. Apply the thermal protector.
  5. Divide the hair into sections and comb it well so that it is smooth and untangled. Ideally, make the stripe where you usually wear it and then separate it into layers that we will hold at the top of the head with some tweezers.
Ways to curl your hair

Before knowing how to curl hair with flat iron, you also need to know what kind of curls you want. Here are some recommendations for achieving different types of curls:

  • Curly tips: starting at medium height (on the ears in half a mane, on the back of the neck in long manes), hold the closed iron on a lock of hair and rotate it on itself until the hair formes a U. Use the same position to slide the iron towards the tips. You’ll have more or less pronounced waves depending on the speed of movement.
  • Ringlets: taking each tuft from the tip, rotate the iron over itself until all the tuft is screwed. You can keep the iron slightly open so that the heat also passes to the hair around it. Release the hair slowly keeping the iron upright.
  • Natural waves: Using a small iron or flat tongs, catch each lock repeatedly at different heights and rotate the iron with the hair caught each time. This modality is best in short smooth hair or half a mane.
  • Curly hair: taking each lock from the root, holding the closed plate, and turning it on itself just as it has been done by waving the tips. Then slide it in the direction of hair loss. The slower we slide it, the sharper the curl will be.

If you like curls, you can learn how to curl hair with flat iron in a simple way. Just remember to be careful not to apply too much heat so as not to damage the hair. Just remember to be careful not to use too much heat so as not to damage the hair.

For best results, choose the best flat iron manufacturer on the market, and you’ll see that the job will be easier.

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