Top 5 Suburbs in Australia for Smart Property Investment.

Looking for the right property for the investment would always give you chills as the price trend always fluctuates especially if you are looking for a property in Australia. There are few ways to identify the right property for yourself either for staying or even for the investment purpose. According to the experts it is always advised to keep few factors in mind before choosing the right property. The very first factor which you would need to consider is the rising property value. You can check the history of that location to get an idea of the price trends and analyze the overall growth perspective. The second factor that needs to be considered is the declining days on the market which is also known as the DOM metric. Having a DOM metric is a good sign that there is a strong demand for properties in the respective area.

The third factor is rising rental yields which tells you how much rental amount you can fetch from that particular property. If the location is showing a rising rental yield, then it is a good sign. The fourth factor talks about high clearance rates at auction. If the area has high clearance rates at auction, then it is considered a good sign. According to the fifth factor, low vacancy rates indicates the strong demand for a rental property in the respective area. So now you have understood all things you would need to keep in mind before deciding on your property. Here we are sharing a few of the top suburbs in Australia.

Mount Pleasant, Victoria 3350

Mount pleasant is known to be the pleasant and family-friendly suburb located in the Victorian town of Ballarat. It Is known as the top growth suburb in Australia. The Median house prices at Mount Pleasant have seen a huge growth by +26.5 % by the year 2019. If you are planning to buy a house at this location for rental purposes then you can expect a rental of around $320 every week. The annual rental yield has shown growth by 4.4% and the prices of the houses have increased by 7.0% in the last five years in this area.

Chelmer, Queensland 4068

The second option which you can consider for investment in properties in Chelmer which is known as the suburb of Brisbane. This particular suburb is dominated by low-density houses which majorly consist of large blocks. The average price of a Median house has increased to +25.2% in the last year with the current price range of $1,207,500. If you are planning to rent out the property here in this area then you will get a weekly rent of up to $652 which has seen an annual growth of 2.55%.

Noosa Heads, Queensland 4567

Noosa Heads is known as the lifestyle property hotspot which is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It is also recognized as the top-performing suburb where the prices of Median houses have seen tremendous growth by 24.8% this year with an average price value of $795,000. The rent that you can expect here would be $460 per week if you plan to put it on the rent. Noosa Heads has grown in terms of pricing by 7.6% in the last 5 years.

Blackburn, Victoria 3130

If you are looking for a family-friendly suburb with lots of parks and schools then you can consider putting your investment at Blackburn. It is known as the leafy suburb which is located in Melbourne’s East and has seen a good growth of +24.4% in the last year. If you consider buying the median unit then you can expect to pay $603,168 and the weekly rental of $398 if you put it on rent. The rental price has yielded growth of 2.9% and the overall growth of units by 6.3% in the last five years.

Wonthaggi, Victoria 3995

Wonthaggi is located in South Gippsland which is also known as a former coal town. The average price of the median house at Wonthaggi is $365,000 which has seen an annual change of +21.70% in the last year. Here you can get the rent of $298 per week with an annual rental yield of 4.2%. If you are looking for an affordable option then you can certainly consider Wonthaggi.

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