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7 Non-club Items You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Game

Having a stress-free round of golf heavily depends on having all the necessary equipment with you. Once you have a trolley where you can pack all your gear, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing you don’t have to borrow golfing equipment from other players.

This guide will introduce seven non-club items that every golfer should have to ensure the best game quality. If you don’t want to lose precious time during the game, make sure to bring the extras if something breaks or starts raining. To learn more about Playing Golf, Click here for more information.

1. New Golf Balls

Appropriate golf balls are a must-have item for anyone that regards themselves as a golf player. It’s always nice to have a couple of sleeves of new golfing balls for competition or any other special occasion. Bear in mind that it’s also good to have a few old balls for practicing on the course or doing a short game area.

Another type of balls that might come in handy is waterproofs. Since the weather can change fast, waterproofs will always keep you ready for a downpour.

2. Sun Protection

Golf  is one of the most famous outdoor sports. Once you decide to spend all your day outside, you never know what kind of weather you can expect. That’s why it’s good to have a few items in your bag like sunscreen, an umbrella, and an extra pair of sunglasses.

Sun cream is the basic skincare product that every golfer should use regularly. However, if you forget to put it at home and you’re in the sun, it might come in handy to have it in your bag. Another thing that you might experience when playing golf in the sun is the inability to see the ball while flying. If you have any trouble seeing the ball or flags, you should have your glasses on all the time. Some players even have a few pairs to use them according to the type of light and different weather conditions.

3. Golfing Push Cart

Most golfers prefer to use cheap golf carts instead of pushcarts while playing. And one of the reasons why everyone should get a pushcart is exercise. With growing obesity among golf enthusiasts, it might be good to walk around the court instead of riding.

A good golf cart will make it easy to walk 9 or 18 holes without any trouble, and it will protect your bag as you won’t have to carry everything on your back. The best golf push cart makes your game more enjoyable as you can spend more time with your friends while you walk straight to the ball. Another benefit of walking around is that you enjoy the outdoors and stay focused on the game, rather than just sitting in a cart. Many golfers claim how the walk helps them focus on the moves they need to make and get less distracted.

4. Gloves

Golf gloves are designed to fit like a second skin as they need to be tight around your hand and fingers. If you’re not sure what’s the right size for you, measure the circumference of your glove hand around the knuckles, and you’ll know what to look for.

The most common material for golf gloves is leather. With the perfect texture that allows a strong grip, the material’s texture is comfortable enough to have them all day. If you’re not a fan of leather, you can opt for synthetic models that are lightweight and extremely stretchy. Its main purpose is to bridge the knuckles and offer more flexibility around the joints.

In case your hands are always cold, thermal gloves would be the perfect solution. This type of glove is thick, layered with a thermal material that will keep your hands warm throughout the day.

5. Get the Right Shoes

There are a few rules on what kind of footwear you can have on the golf course. The key features to look for in new golfing shoes are grip, stability, comfort, the maximum range of motion, and a good fit. Many people prefer natural leather golf shoes, but some golfers find synthetic more comfortable for walking around.

6. Enjoy the Game

Before you book your next golf trip, make sure you have functional golf attire and accessories that will make your life easier. They won’t make you a better golfer, but you can feel more relaxed on the golf court knowing that you have everything on your back. Even if it starts raining, your game doesn’t have to end.  For bad weather and whenever golf courses are closed, continue practicing at home with an accurate launch monitor like Mevo +.

Now that you know more about the importance of golfing accessories, it would be best to make a list and see what you should pack in your bag and have it ready for the next weekend.

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