How to Change Your Photo into An Amazing Pencil Sketch

How to Change Your Photo into An Amazing Pencil Sketch?

Taking pictures on a normal phone, DSLR or tablet can further be tweaked. They do not always turn out to be the best pictures whether it’s taken from an iPhone or Samsung. You can further make changes to your photos by adding different effects or even adding filters to them.

Moreover, you can turn a picture into a pencil sketch so that you can upload them on your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and etc. Many Instagram influencers use tools and software to transform their pictures to gain even more followers as well as viewers on their social media page. It helps them grow significantly in a short amount of time.

Why you need to pencil sketch your photos?

A pencil sketch of your photo looks very realistic and it turns them into eye-catching and attractive photos for many people to see on social media apps. You can add realistic art to your photos using different tools found on the internet that are free and easily accessible.

In addition to that,

It can be really fun to mess around with your photos with an online tool that offers you hundreds of different effects and filters. In this article, we have listed down a few of the free tools that can help you convert your photo to pencil sketch online.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

It is an online tool that lets you turn your photos into pencil sketched art. Rest assured, because the photos you upload to the tool are instantly cleared out once you process the tweaked ones and import them.

So, you don’t have to worry about your privacy as the tool does not use your photos for any other purposes except for when you need to.

The benefits of using Image to Sketch AI

The online tool has more than one different style of the sketch so that you can choose the one you like from the given choices. Furthermore, the Image to Sketch AI system is a smart tool that offers users several different styles and creating sketches in a few seconds. It is simple and easy to use for beginners.

Apart from that, you can convert your photos into line drawings and sketches and share the results with your friends and on your social media page.

How to use Image to Sketch AI to change your photo into a pencil sketch?

All you have to do is visit the website and upload the photo that you want to convert into pencil sketch art. The system will provide you with different styles and effects of the sketches that you can choose from.

Use Photoshop to change your photo into a pencil sketch

You will need to create a duplicate of your background layer and de-saturate it and then duplicate that layer as well. After that, just invert the layer and change the mode to Color Dodge. There are more than ten steps that are required to turn your photos into art.

Use Sketch My Pic to change your photo into a pencil sketch

Sketch My Pic is another fascinating tool that can change your photo into a realistic sketch. All you have to do is select your photo on the tool and then click on “Apply sketch effect”. Wait for a few seconds until you see your results in the box below. Furthermore, you can download it on your computer or device as well. It is a very simple two-step process to convert photos into pencil sketches with ease.

Use Photo Funia to change your photo into a pencil sketch

Photo Funia supports more than a hundred new effects for your photos to choose from. It offers a quick and professional image effects service to the users without consuming a lot of their time. Pencil sketches your photo online free with the Photo Funia tool.

Apart from that,

Just click on the pencil sketch effect and add your photo as well. Wait for the tool to apply the effect for you to download and use share the results with your friends and on your social media accounts to gain subscribers, followers, and thousands of likes.


It can be really difficult and time-consuming to edit the images as well as applying different effects to them. This is why the market has provided us with different tools that can apply your desired effect to your photos in just a few simple and quick steps.

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