6 Reasons Why Finding Roommates Never Works Out the Way You Plan

The world is full of people. Still, finding the right roommate is more complicated than finding a date! Every time you think you have found the suitor to share your room with, a problem-stirring flaw in that person will just pop out of nowhere, and you sit down facepalming yourself. 

Remember the time when Chandler, the roommate of our dreams, broke into Monica’s private closet without her permission and did not respect her privacy?

You reach a point in your life where you decide you do not want a roommate anymore and that you will live on your own, but the fact that it can become a pricey affair stops you. Alas, there you are again, planning, trying your luck on roommate finders, and hoping for once that you find the roommate of your dreams. 

Here are six reasons why finding roommates never works out the way you plan:


1. Turns out to be someone else

This happens in most cases. The person you matched with on a roommate finder seems to be this perfect person. Overwhelmed, you just decide to let him/her move in without even asking any further questions. It’s been a few days and beep! It turns out that the person is entirely different altogether. He/She had just lied about everything in their profile to look perfect. Well, who could have guessed? 

Solution: The only way you could avoid this is to ask the right questions while finding roommates. You might be overwhelmed with their profile on roommate finders but as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover” you should always ask questions first and only then decide.

2. Things become annoying later

This is another one of those classic dilemmas you face while living with a roommate. At first, everything is tolerable because you do not want the other person to feel uncomfortable. You give them leverage to things that you hate, and then over some time, you realize that this leverage has started getting on your nerves. You may have the urge to act friendly with your roommate, but don’t let that urge make you say yes to things you mean no to.

Solution: It is better to be clear about your boundaries and also respect theirs. The best approach is to be loud about your preferences while finding roommates on roommate finders.

3. An acquaintance of a friend is not always a good roommate

Yes, you heard it right. The first thing people tend to do while finding roommates is asking their friends. You ask your friends if they know anyone who could be a good roommate as you believe that someone of acquaintance is always better than a stranger. Well, you are mistaken here. An acquaintance of a friend or a friend of a friend doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you could vibe with. You might end up completely hating that person and maybe even your friend for suggesting that person in the first place. 

Solution: Follow the same screening process as you would if you had found that person on any roommate finder platform.

4. Friends are not always good roommates

When you are at the onset of finding roommates, you might think that living with a friend is a good idea – a great idea. However, this might not be a great idea. Just because you know someone inside out, as a friend, doesn’t mean that you know them as someone you can live with. Everybody, including you, has their quirks and habits that may seem normal to them but unacceptable to others. Just because they are a good friend doesn’t mean that they will be a good roommate.

Solution: Avoid this as much as possible because the consequence might end up running your friendship.  

5. Their friends are annoying

Imagine you have found the perfect person after a long hike of finding roommates. Someone whose habits are very tidy and someone who is as peaceful as sleep. But wait, there they are, his/her friends who barge into your home every other day make a ruckus. Your room is embarrassed about it, and you put up with it, saying, “It’s all right! They are a darling”. You lie and sacrifice your peace because you do not want them to think that you are some Sheldon Cooper.

Solution: Talk to your roommate. He/she will never know if you are not vocal about the problems. If they don’t bother about it, it’s time you start looking for a new roommate.

6. Their partners are just a pain in the a$#

Most of you will relate to this. It’s the 21st century, and everyone is dating everyone. You were pretty clear while finding roommates that you will not have someone actively dating as a roommate. But, soon, you realize you have no control over your roommate’s dating life. They start dating this horrible person who just makes a mess at your home, and you are only too modest from saying anything to them out of respect for your roommate. 

Solution: Again, communication is the only ship that will sail you across this problem. It is always better to speak up than to sacrifice your peace.

These are just some of the inevitable things, but you can surely avoid these to an extent. You just need to be extra cautious while finding roommates and use the right roommate finder platforms or methods.

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