Change Your Whole Look

7 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Change Your Whole Look

We all want to look the best versions of ourselves at all times and trust me, it is not about high-end surgeries, extraordinary efforts, or even unnecessary purchases that will help you achieve the desired look, but something as simple as a hair spa can do wonders.

The more you care about your skin, your hair, yourself as a whole, the better it will be for you. No, I am not asking you to get cosmetic surgeries done or invest in extraordinarily expensive products, we are just asking you to care, and everything else will look after itself. Here is how!

  1. Have a clean looking smile

Let us be honest, we all aren’t visiting the dentist as often as we all should. For our teeth, some of us don’t even “care” enough to brush twice daily. Here is the thing: we all have bright smiles, but with time, we lose it because we simply don’t even put minimal effort into maintaining the same.

This includes brushing your teeth twice daily, that too properly. Might sound stupid, but we recommend you watch YouTube tutorials on brushing your teeth, to learn the right way. Next would be to visit the dentist, at least every six months.

Lastly, have instant teeth whitening products at home like strips, that help make the job very easy. You will be surprised to see how big an impact your smile plays in your whole look.

  1. A different eyeliner

Eyeliners play quite a role in your whole look, and if you want to change the way you look, it will be helpful if you experiment with the shade, color, and thickness of the eyeliner you use.

In fact, an eyeliner can give you a smokey look, and at the same time, a subtler and softer look as well.

  1. Look for new glasses

If you already wear glasses, you know how different you used to look before wearing them and how you look now. So, if you want to change your look again, change your glasses.

Go for a different type of glasses this time. If you used to wear warfare, go for round or rimless or any other type this time. There are so many online retailers now who help you choose glasses online using your picture which makes it so easy for you to choose.

  1. Pay attention to your Eyebrows

We don’t really appreciate how important eyebrows are and how beautiful they make us look. So, maintain your brows and trim them when needed. It will be even better if you don’t take things into your own hands and go to a professional for the same.

  1. Play with your hair

Hair is so important, and playing around with colors, dyes, extensions and definitely adds that oomph in your look that you are searching for.

We all love Billie Elish for her music and how pretty she looks with the green streaks on. You can look better. So again, explore which color will suit you the best and go get it done. Also, change the way you used to part your hair, and see how different you look.

  1. Prioritize Haircare

Hair is important guys, and with all the color, dyes, streaks, and artificial products you add to them, it is easy to lose volume on your hair and damage quality. All of this will still happen if you use vegan and cruelty-free products. This is why you also need to take hair care seriously.

You can explore RPR hair care for some exclusive products. They are a reputed brand, known for their environment-friendly products. Their website even shows all the ingredients they have used in their respective products, leaving no doubt inside your head.

  1. Regular Manicure and Pedicures

Remember the care aspect I discussed at the beginning of this article? This point is entirely about the same. It is about taking care of yourself and making yourself feel loved.

Most people don’t bother about their fingernails or toenails at all and survive even a whole lifetime without getting it done even once. Trust me, once you get them done, you will understand why we asked you to do so!

We all deserve to look the best version of ourselves and all the above points are crafted to help you just that. Start somewhere and I am sure you will feel a lot better with what you see in the mirror!

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