Windshield in Mint Condition

7 Ways to Keep Your Windshield in Mint Condition

A vehicle is a highly prized possession that must be taken good care of. These man-made machines experience different types of issues that could cost a fortune to repair.

Some of these issues are preventable and when they occur, they can be fixed before they become a bigger problem. Windscreen damages fall in this category.

Every part of the car is important. Many parts play a critical role in the structural integrity of the car.

The auto glass should always be maintained due to the role it plays. Making sure that it is in perfect condition enhances your safety while on the road.

You may have seen a driver with a car that has a cracked windscreen and they seemed alright. However, this is a safety hazard that should be avoided as such damage could lead to a serious accident.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can take care of your windscreen, as listed below.

#1 Have the Chips and Cracks Repaired

Driving on rough terrain, gravel hitting the screen, or an impact could have caused damage to your car’s front glass. This should be fixed as soon as possible by a windscreen repair expert.

If simple chips are not fixed as soon as they are noticed, it could spread and require a replacement. This will be more expensive to have the car back on the road again.

Regardless of the size or location, do not wait until it is a safety concern. Take your car to experts at Windscreen.

Unless you are an expert, you should avoid undertaking the repairs at home. You do not want to pay for a replacement due to ignorance.

#2 Demist With Care

Fog and mist cause lower visibility. There are several ways that you can demist the windscreen which is part of proper maintenance.

To do so, you can switch on the AC, use the climate control feature if it has, open windows whenever possible, or even switch the heater on cold.

These are safe ways to get rid of mist from the glass.

#3 Drive Safely

Although this is a general rule regardless of where you are driving on, it is a must when your windscreen is at stake. For example, if a road has just been surfaced, the terrain is rough, or there are too many gravels, slow down.

This will prevent pebbles and debris from hitting the windscreen hard. If there is a construction lorry in front or a delivery truck, it could lead to flying debris. Slow down to prevent glass damage.

Speed bumps should also be approached with care not only to prevent glass damage but also for safety reasons.

#4 Park Under Shelter

Always park the car in a safe place and avoid construction areas and near residential or commercial buildings. Debris from construction and other flying objects will damage the glass.

Parking under trees should not be an option. Twigs, fruits, and tree branches are a risk. If they fall hard on the windshield, it could lead to significant damage.

If you have to park in such areas or under trees, get your car a cover. They are made for different models and makes, thus, you must get the ideal one.

#5 Clean Glass Carefully and Properly

Some stains on the windscreen can only be removed by a technician. They include watermarks that cannot be removed by regular products.

Cleaning the windscreen regularly (it is recommended to do so daily), is a great way to take care of the glass. This includes the exterior and the interior.

On the outside, debris, dust, and animal droppings get stuck, while on the inside, grease and smears build up. They all lead to stubborn stains if they are not cleaned immediately.

To make sure visibility is not affected and you will not deal with tough stains, regular cleaning is recommended.

Although you can use a soft cloth and water, you should use products specifically made for auto glass. They can be found in auto shops and some general stores.

#6 Keep Wipers Well Maintained

At times, you will have to visit a service shop because the wiper blade scratched the windscreen. This is annoying keeping in mind that maintaining the wipers is cheaper than repairing the glass.

When they are damaged, they lead to deep scratches that require a professional to fix. It is also advisable that you should never use the wipers when the glass is dry. This causes stress and damage.

#7 Inspect the Windshield Regularly

You should be inspecting the windshield from time to time. Although you might miss a chip or a scratch, you can tell when it needs professional attention.

Damages on the edge could also be invisible through the naked eye. As you take the car for normal servicing, talk to a technician to have a look at the glass.

Reasons to Take Care of Your Windscreen

This glass at the front of your car allows you to see the road. When it has mist, vision is affected and the same case when it is damaged.

When your vision is obstructed, it is easy to cause an accident. Having debris on the glass, cracks, scratches, and chips becomes a huge risk.

How you drive is based on how well you can see ahead. To ensure clarity is top-notch, you should take care of the windshield. This enhances your safety and that of others on the road.

Have the windshield inspected regularly

You should be inspecting the windshield from time to time. Although you might miss a chip or a scratch, you can tell when it needs professional attention. Damages on the edge could also be invisible through the naked eye.

As you take the car for normal servicing, talk to a technician to have a look at the glass.


When you take small steps to keep your windshield in good condition, you will avoid regular visits to a technician. Cleaning the glass with specialized products and having damages repaired in good time will keep it in good condition.

In case it is scratched, chipped, or cracked, visit a service center for a professional to fix it. Avoid DIY when it comes to car issues unless you are an expert.

With the many reputable windscreen repair technicians, the process should be affordable and effortless.

Despite the cost of repairing auto glasses being pocket-friendly, you should do all that is necessary to protect it. Making small efforts to protect it is better than regular visits to the service center.

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