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8 Benefits of Choosing a Dental Practice for the Whole Family

Dental practices are not all the same. There are pediatric dentists, general dentists and family dentists.

Each type of dentist offers the same level of care but to different age groups. Pediatric dentists specialize in the dental care of children.

General dentists specialize in the dental care of adults. As for family dentists, they specialize in the dental care of children and adults.

When parents and their children receive dental care from the same dentist, it establishes an extra level of trust.

That helps motivate families to receive dental treatment on a more consistent basis without fear or hesitation.

Family dentists also allow parents to teach their children about the importance of maintaining good oral health.

Once children see their parents practicing what they preach, it becomes easy for them to accept the routine of seeking dental treatment.

Below are the top eight benefits of choosing a dental practice for the whole family.

1) A Better Understanding of Your Family’s Dental History

When you choose a practice that provides dental treatments for the entire family, such as the professionals at Rio Rancho Dentist, the dentist will have a good understanding of your family’s dental history.

Sometimes oral health issues are hereditary. A dentist can recommend preventative care treatments based on your family’s dental history. It tells him the likelihood of you or your children developing gum disease or tooth decay.

2) Build a Relationship with One Dentist

If your entire family builds a relationship with the same dentist, you will all develop trust in that dentist.

Not only that, but you will all receive better dental treatment for your particular oral health conditions.

It is always better when your family dental records stay in one place. Otherwise, it is more difficult for the dentist to address any underlying oral health issues because they do not have your dental records at their leisure.

3) Flexible Hours

Family dental practices tend to have flexible hours to accommodate the schedules of parents and children.

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to leave work and take their children to the dentist during business hours. That is why they tend to stay open until 6 PM on weekdays and on Saturday morning too.

4) Schedule Your Appointments Together

It can be costly and time-consuming to take your children to a pediatric dentist and then take yourself to a general dentist.

You can save so much time if you schedule your dental appointments at the same dental practice on the same day.

That way, you will not have to make multiple trips to various dental practices on different days of the week.

Instead, you can take your children to a family dentist and get dental treatment done for them and yourself simultaneously.

5) Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency does not warn you before it occurs. Perhaps someone in your family has a toothache or chips a tooth.

These emergencies require a reliable dentist to solve them. You do not want to call a dentist with whom you do not trust or have not had much experience within the past.

A family dentist is more reliable for dental emergencies because they are familiar with your family’s dental history.

As a result, they know how to address the issues quickly and efficiently. You do not have to waste time explaining your dental history to them as the emergency persists.

6) Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Family dental practices offer calm and soothing environments for children and adults. When you visit the dentist together as a family, the anxiety is not as bad as it would be going alone.

You have each other to depend on for comfort and support. Children often watch their parents and how they react to a dentist.

If parents show courage and confidence at their dental appointment, it will be easier for their children to develop that same level of courage and confidence.

7) Cheaper Dental Insurance

Family dental insurance plans are much cheaper. You can opt for a plan that covers your entire family for one low monthly premium.

The carrier will ask you to select a designated dental practice where you would like to receive your treatment regularly.

All you need to do is choose a family dental practice that accepts your family dental insurance plan.

Most family dental practices accept family dental plans from reputable carriers, so it should be a smooth selection process.

8) Preventative Dental Care

Family dentists can keep track of your dental health regardless of your age. They will monitor the development of your children’s teeth to see whether they need an alignment or other critical treatments.

Preventative dental care is the best way to stop gum disease and cavities. Family dentists offer the best preventive care solutions for the oral health issues that could likely face you and your children.

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