The Top 6 Hermès Bags Worth Investing In

Since breaking into the market in 1837, Hermès has built a name that’s synonymous with luxury. Their handbags, watches, jewellery, perfumes, and other products are considered the most expensive, exclusive, and sought-after in the world.

But out of all the brand’s numerous luxury goods, none is more coveted than its collection of signature bags.

Hermès’ most luxurious, expensive, and sought-after bags are handmade and use the finest genuine leather and other materials. Some of the brand’s most exclusive handbags and luggage take 18 to 24 hours to make.

The fact that the brand’s bags are made with precious metals, with some of them being limited editions makes them ultra-luxurious and pricey.

Lastly, many well-known celebrities are huge fans of Hermès bags. These include Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, and Kylie Jenner. With certain celebrity names attached to the brand and its products, there is no doubt that their popularity and resale value will continue to soar.  

These are some of the reasons why both brand new and pre-owned Hermès bags are must-have high-end investment pieces. 

Hermès Bags to Add to Your Collection

Whether you’re buying your first Hermès handbag or want to add more to your collection, below are six of their bags that are worth buying:

  1. Birkin

Without a doubt, Hermès’ most famous and highly coveted handbag is the timeless Birkin.

First introduced in 1984, the Birkin bag was made for and named after British actress and “it girl” Jane Birkin.

The design came about when Jane Birkin and then Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas had a discussion about what the actress’ dream bag would be on a flight from Paris to London.

The result is a rectangle handbag larger than the Hermès Kelly bag but smaller than the Serge Gainsbourg’s suitcase with interior pockets.

Presently, Birkin bags come in several sizes, which are also used as their formal names. For instance, the original Birkin was 40 centimetres long; as such, it is called Birkin 40.

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Other popular sizes or styles of this bag are 25, 30, and 35.

Birkin bags are valuable investment pieces since nearly all Hermès stores are only allowed to sell a select number of this handbag bi-annually.

With its fascinating history, limited number, popularity, and versatility, a Birkin bag is one of the most valuable Hermès accessories you should own. It is the ultimate must-have fashion piece.

  1. Kelly

If there is one bag that can rival the exclusiveness and popularity of the Birkin, it’s the Kelly.

Like the Birkin, the Kelly handbag was inspired and named after the late award-winning Hollywood actress and fashion icon Princess Grace Kelly.  

Like its inspiration, the Kelly bag is considered more of a cultural and style icon than a fashion piece.

Kelly bags come in two styles: Sellier trim and Retourne trim.

A Kelly Sellier looks more structured and rigid. It is made of hard leather and has visible stitching and pointed edges.

On the other hand, a Kelly Retourne has a more casual look. It is made of soft leather with unnoticeable stitches and delicate edges.

Both styles come in different sizes ranging from 15 to 50 centimetres.

Hermès Kelly is the epitome of luxury handbags. However, it is versatile and functional, making it one of the perfect bags around.

The Kelly bag is also one of the most expensive handbags in the market; thus, it has an innate high resale value.

  1. Lindy

With its relaxed, casual look, the Lindy bag takes inspiration from the popular classic American dance, the Lindy Hop.

The Hermès Lindy’s shape makes it one of the brand’s most unique handbags. Its two perpendicular handles are placed on the shorter end of the bag instead of its long side, causing it to droop when carried. This gives it its distinctive silhouette and look.

The Lindy also has an optional shoulder strap to make it more versatile. Additionally, it has two exterior pockets positioned on each end of the bag and two zip closures on top.

There are currently only a few varieties of this bag, which are the Lindy Mini, Lindy 26, Lindy 30, and Lindy 34.

The Lindy’s relaxed style is perfect for anyone who’s constantly on the go and has a fast-paced lifestyle.  

  1. Constance

One of the oldest bags in Hermès’ collection, the Constance bag was first introduced in 1959. Its popularity rose when the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis started wearing it.

The Constance is a magnificent versatile shoulder bag that features a large H logo for a clasp. It has smooth, round edges and an adjustable crossbody strap, giving the wearer ease of movement.

The bag’s most popular style is the standard Constance 24. However, this handbag also comes in mini and micro models.

It also has a rectangular design called the “Elan.”

This bag is ideal for all occasions and goes with any outfit. As such, it should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  

The Hermès Constance bag can be pretty hard to source since the brand releases only a limited number of this particular product. Because of this, you’ll be extremely lucky if you manage to get your hands on one.

  1. Picotin

Picotin, a French word for the ration of feed given to a horse, is another Hermès handbag that is highly coveted due to its minimalist and functional design.

This bucket bag has a wide, round shape, which can carry all your essentials with ease. It comes in two varieties: leather and canvas.

The leather Picotin is made of soft, grained material, giving it a classic, versatile look. On the other hand, the canvas type features leather accents and has a sportier feel.

Hermès Picotin bags come in various colours with either palladium or gold hardware.

With its casual look and size, the Picotin bag is perfect for someone who needs an everyday luxury accessory.

  1. Bolide

Lastly, if you travel a lot and need a bag you can take anywhere, Hermès Bolide is the ultimate accessory to get.

The Bolide is the first purse to come with a zipper, which then Hermès CEO Emile-Maurice Hermès patented after getting the inspiration from a visit to Henry Ford’s factory in the USA.

This bag features a sleek, trapezoidal design that can fit into luggage or sports cars. It has two main styles: Mou and Rigide.

The Mou handbag is made of soft leather, which makes it more casual and flexible. Rigide is made of harder leather, thus, it is sturdier and keeps its shape at all times.

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Both styles have a removable shoulder strap and come in different sizes.

Although the Bolide was initially conceived as a traveling bag, its sizes and styles make it an ideal accessory for work and other regular social activities.

When you narrow down your list to these Hermès bags, you’ll have a collection that will be the envy of everyone.

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