clean a leather jacket at home
clean a leather jacket at home

How to clean a leather jacket at home?

Even in the summertime, you still go jacket shopping. You will always find that if you find the best leather jacket of your kind, just go with it because they’re timeless. Having only one real leather jacket saves you from piling up other types of cheap fabric jackets that mimic to be leather. But when you use a leather jacket for a long time it needs cleaning.

With frequent uses, it gets dirty with dust or dander, sometimes it gets stains of oil, grease, ink, or any kind of liquid. But seasonally, it needs washing due to body odor, swear, and body oil.

How to clean Liquid stains from a leather jacket?

First of all, you need to know that wax-treated leather jackets are waterproof and do not cause any problem if any liquid spills accidentally. Simply removing the stain with a cloth may solve the problem. However, if it is not waxed, then soapy water, a sponge, and a dry cloth help remove the stains easily.

How to clean grease stains from leather jackets?

Some people use baking soda or cornstarch to remove grease stains. Covering the stains with baking soda or cornstarch overnight may help in absorbing the oil or grease into the powder.

But this remedy does not always work. The most effective and inexpensive thing to remove grease stains from leather is by using a compound called “Fuller Earth”. Just sprinkle the fuller earth on stains and dust off the powder and remove any stain instantly.

How to clean Ink/Pen/Biro Stain on your leather jacket?

Most people think that nail polish remover may also help remove ink or brio stains. But rather than removing the stain, they are more likely to spread it and cause discoloration of leather dye. The most reliable method to remove ink stains from leather is by using ready-made leather care kits. They help remove the stain effectively and condition the leather as well.

How to clean mold from leather?

When you don’t store a leather jacket properly and it remains in unfavorable moist condition like in a plastic bag during off-season months likely to grow mold on the leather jacket. To remove mold first scrape off the outer layer of the mold with a dry cloth or with the help of a knife.   Washing the leather jacket is the best way to clean the leather from mold and mildew.

But remember, the leather becomes stiff after washing, so you also need a leather conditioner as well before washing the leather jacket. Soak the jacket in warm soapy water for 30 minutes and then hang it in a hanger and run plain water all over the jacket. Do not dry clean the leather. Because it may shrink the leather. Also, avoid drying the leather in sunlight that causes discoloration of the leather. Let the leather jacket dry naturally indoors. Once it completely dried out. Restore the shine and softness of the leather jacket by spraying the leather conditioner.

To avoid the mold growing in the first place, store your leather jacket in a padded coat hanger.

You can use the same washing method to wash a leather jacket at home if it gets smelly due to body odor because of frequent uses.

However, if you want to increase the life of your leather jacket, it is advised to use professional dry cleaning services for your leather jacket.

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