Find out which types of rug are Ideal for Each room

Do you know that there are ways to choose which type of rug is best suited for each environment in your home? But if you haven’t thought about it yet, we’ll help you to think about it.

After all, more than a simple decorative object, rugs, when chosen correctly, can prevent problems such as falls and other accidents. Also, having the right rugs for a location can make tasks like cleaning them easier.

Rugs in a home’s environments

Who doesn’t think about living in a house where all the rooms are neat and decorated? More than the aesthetic issue, rugs can help in the composition of different spaces. We will see, below, the application of different types of carpet for each environment, showing how each model adapts to these spaces. Also, let’s mention the main advantages of its use in homes.

Bedroom rug

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, as it is the place where we can rest from all the stress that we experience in our day-to-day. So, for your comfort, we suggest types of rugs that are low and easy to clean. The matter is even more serious when the rooms are for children. In these environments, we advise you to choose non-allergenic or waterproof mats. That’s because these models offer protection against accidents caused by food or drink.

Carpet for the room

Here is a space widely used by people, as it is the environment in which we commonly receive our visits. In addition, we spent a good deal of time in the living room carrying out tasks such as entertainment. For this environment, the ideal is to opt for fabric rugs that are also easy to clean. That’s because, depending on the number of people in this space, you might need to sit in them.

Bathroom mat

As it is an environment where you have direct contact with water, we recommend that you prefer fabric and non-slip mat types. That’s because these models have the ability to absorb water, reducing the chance of falls and other accidents.

Kitchen rug

Because it is a room where meals are prepared, we recommend that you avoid using rugs that accumulate dirt, such as fur. Choose models made of rubberized material and adherent to the floor.

Carpet Maintenance

More important than simply having a rug at home, are the care that must be taken to keep them preserved for a long period. For this, services such as washing carpets and rugs are recommended to be done frequently. In addition, it is essential that they be done with professionals, as there is a great risk in trying to clean them at home and ending up ruining them.

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