Most Often Notarized

The Documents That Are Most Often Notarized

Before offering a list of some of the most regularly notarized papers, it is crucial to know that each state has its regulations on whether a specific form or documentation must be notarized in order for it to be accepted. The laws vary significantly from state to state. Before commencing the process of online notary near me, you can do your research. In this section, we will go through the papers that are notarized the most frequently:

Authorization to Act as Agent

A legal instrument that grants one individual the authority to act on behalf of another individual regarding the property, money, or health of the principal, depending on the extent of the powers conferred.

Passport Parental Consent

When applying for a passport for a juvenile, one parent or guardian who does not have exclusive legal custody of the child must submit Form DS-3053. This is because the general norm needs the signature of both parents. It is necessary for the parent or guardian who is not applying to fill out the form.

Declaration of Trust

A document in which the borrower transfers the property’s legal title to a trustee, who then holds the property in trust on behalf of the lender as protection for the loan payment.

The Form for Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property may refer to money or any other item that has been dormant for an extended time and afterwards seen as having been discarded by its owner. Depending on the jurisdiction and the kind of property being claimed, most states’ websites give further instructions on how to file your claim together with your document that has been notarized by notary near me.

Parental Approval for Travel

Every minor whose parent or legal guardian permits them to travel with another person, group, or organization outside their home country must complete this form. While the signature of only one parent is often acceptable, it is strongly recommended that both parents or legal guardians sign the permission form.

Continuation Trust

A legal instrument is known as a trust that is made during an individual’s lifetime. This document assigns a specific individual, known as the trustee, the obligation of managing the individual’s assets for the benefit of another person, known as the beneficiary.


A document that has the force of law and is legally binding, which acknowledges and controls the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the agreement. In most cases, the parties to a contract will trade either money, products, or services with one another, or they may pledge to do so.

Minor Medical Authorization

A legal document that authorizes someone other than a parent or legal guardian to make healthcare choices and seek medical treatment on behalf of a minor. Grandparents, caregivers, nannies, sitters, instructors, coaches, and reliable friends often use this method. Children’s Power of Attorney allows parents and legal guardians to delegate authority over medical but also educational and routine caregiving matters.

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