What Is Considered Casual Clothing?

What Is Considered Casual Clothing?

What does it mean to dress casually? Does it mean you have free rein for your outfit? It could, but at the same time, it could not.

That is where it can get confusing for men, who sometimes think casual means “wear anything you like.” Be careful because the event’s hosts might think differently.

Theoretically, “casual” shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Think about what you wear daily; that should be what casual is, right? But we should also consider our individual definitions of the word, which doesn’t really help give it a uniform definition.

This isn’t a matter of dress shirt vs casual shirt; it’s a matter of the “dress code” definition of casual vs. our definition of casual. So, what’s the real deal?

How Does One Define Casual?

In a way, casual means “wearing anything you feel like” for as long as it’s appropriate for an event. Basically, the event and the conditions surrounding it are what determine the casual dress code. However, unlike when an occasion says to dress formally, guests have a broader range of options when it says to dress casually.

If an article of clothing looks nice, it should work. Under this category could be nice-looking jeans, sneakers, shirts, jackets, overshirts, henleys, and many others. However, shorts, sweats, flip-flops, stained and Gitman Vintage clothes , controversial articles of clothing, and revealing garments, no matter how expensive, are usually out of the question.

Yes, you’re to wear regular clothes, but they should be presentable clothes. You mustn’t wear clothing branded as ridiculous and draws negative attention.

Still, there are times when things get confusing. For instance, casual clothing that’s work-appropriate might not be event-appropriate. The casual office dress code is usually laxer and allows more freedom for expressing personality, though it does frown upon lazy-looking ensembles. An event scenario might not be as open to your fashion expressions.

If you aren’t too sure how to dress for casual Fridays, go for business casual to be on the safe side.

When Should You Dress Casual?

When an event doesn’t specify a dress code, you should first consider if going casual is appropriate. The following are occasions where casual clothing might be appropriate:

  • Parties
  • Events held at restaurants
  • Picnics at the park
  • Backyard barbecues
  • Homecomings

While these events don’t really scream “fancy,” you still want to make sure you know who the people behind them are. Chances are, if they’re the type to impress, they’re going to find a way to give the most casual events a fancy twist. Still, no one would blame you for dressing casually for an event involving coal and taking place in someone’s backyard near the woods.

Lazy clothes might also work for family-only parties that take place at home or the restaurant. You can head straight to the living room or dining room to celebrate an immediate family member’s birthday party, no problem. And if you’re attending a beach wedding, board shorts might be alright.

Of course, casual clothing isn’t fit for all restaurant events. After all, a restaurant can be high-end and offer fine dining only. That’s something that’s going to require dressing to the nines. Parties might also ask you to dress business casual and not the easier and simpler “casual.

While seemingly casual occasions are casual most of the time, it doesn’t hurt to make sure they actually are, in case there are exceptions.

Casual Clothing for Men

While men and women love casual, it’s safe to say this clothing category is a man’s go-to. In fact, some men would rather go casual than don a suit and tie to work.

In general, men feel sexier and more confident in a t-shirt and jeans than they would in a tuxedo, although the latter doesn’t sound too bad, either. As far as casual clothing for men, one can rarely go wrong with the following:

  • T-Shirts: The standard crew-neck and v-neck shirts are the definition of “chill.”
  • Flannels:If “lumberjack” doesn’t scream “casual,” we don’t know what does.
  • Polo Shirts:One-half of a business casual attire worn under a blazer.
  • Hoodies:A semi-lazy yet fashionable clothing choice.
  • Jeans:Something you can wear pretty much anywhere outside of a strictly formal event.
  • Sweaters:Another business-casual number and closet must-have.

As far as casual footwear goes, closed-toe is an excellent choice. Then, you can accessorize with a nice belt, unless your pants don’t need it.

Hygiene Is More Important Than Dress Code

Outdoor events can get really casual. And by that, it could mean the bikinis and board shorts type of casual.

As fun and as free as these occasions allow you to be, make sure to maintain good hygiene throughout the entire event. When you have clean, nice-looking clothes in one piece, that’s likely to qualify as casual attire more often than not.

When someone tells you “casual,” don’t take it as permission to go to an event without cleaning up. And remember, “more” is always the safer choice.

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