What Can You Presume After a LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is a commonly known procedure that helps improve eyesight. While the process of LASIK surgery is understood, many do not know what recovery entails. Due to this, many end up not undergoing LASIK surgery.

The recovery process can vary from person to person as it depends on the condition of your eyes, etc. It’s important to follow the directions suggested by your doctor for post-surgery care.

When you choose professionals like Personal Eyes Lasik Surgery, you will be guided from the beginning till the very end, ensuring you are on the safest and quickest path to having the best vision possible.

Take a look at the different things that can happen after a LASIK surgery.

Immediately After the Surgery

Your doctor will be by your side post-surgery and will examine your eyes within the first 24 hours to 48 hours post the procedure.

Post LASIK, you must not worry if you have a hazy vision, see halos, have bloodshot eyes, or are sensitive to light.

It’s important to note that once the doctor gives you instructions and allows you to go home, you must not drive for 24 hours after the surgery and wear the protective eyewear given to you. You’ll be given antibiotics and eye drops; this must be administered as per the doctor’s instructions.

While you may get the urge to scratch or rub your eyes, avoid this at any cost.

It’s best to keep your doctor informed of your symptoms, but if there is any severe pain, call your doctor immediately.

Weeks After Surgery

After resting entirely for the first few days, you can resume your normal daily routine of going to work or driving your car. Strenuous activity should still be avoided, not to risk foreign objects getting into your eyes.

A follow-up appointment with your doctor will also take place so that they can check up on your progress and discuss any new symptoms you may be experiencing.

Even if it’s been a few days since your surgery, you must avoid activities that can expose your eyes to foreign substances, such as wearing makeup, using soap near your eyes, or even going swimming.

Your vision can still fluctuate during this healing phase, but the redness, itching, and general discomfort should reduce.

During the healing process, you can still access technological gadgets like your phone or the TV. Just remember to keep your eyes moist with the prescribed eye drops and use the protective eye shield.

Several Months Post LASIK

The majority of changes to your vision do happen in the days following your surgery. But your vision will continue to fluctuate even months after. Only after 3-6 months will your vision stabilize.

At this stage, you won’t require eye drops anymore, and your photosensitivity should be well gone. At any point in time, it’s essential to let your ophthalmologist know if you face any pain, loss of vision, or your photosensitivity gets worse.

Ophthalmologists play a significant role in your pre-surgery care and post-surgery recovery. This is why it’s crucial to choose the best clinic for the task. Opting clinics like Personal Eyes for Lasik Surgery, you can be assured that renowned surgeons will always be there to walk you through your recovery.


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