Keyboards with their Keys

Different Keyboards with their Keys

A Keyboard is one of the physical part of a computer system that is very necessary to run any kind of action on computer system. With the help of a Keyboard, you can enter characters in your computer system or enter data in your computer system. It is a very beneficial and useful device for a user to perform different kinds of actions on a computer. If you want to enter data of your company or business then you have to use Keyboard because a keyboard is a device that helps you to enter your business data into a computer. 

Best Keyboard Brands 

There are many brands are available in the market and you can buy a keyboard of your favourite brand. You can buy a keyboard of Lenovo, you have a choice to buy a Dell keyboard, you have an option of choosing the HP Keyboard and many other options are available in the market for the users to buy or purchase a keyboard of their choice. The Keyboards are available in different price range and you can purchase a keyboard that is according to your budget plan. So, if you want to buy a better quality and best keyboard then you should choose a brand of Microsoft, you should select the Lenovo brand and many other brands are famous due to their qualities or features. Every brand has a speciality in its keyboard and due to its speciality or features, the users use or buy such kind of best keyboard for their working purposes. 

Buy Keyboard to use

You should buy a best one to enter the data in your computer and live your life in a comfort zone with the best quality keyboards. The best keyboards cooperates to a user for long term working provide to a user. As compare to other ordinary keyboards, the best quality keyboards work for a long time and cannot break easily. The ordinary keyboards cannot work for a long time and a user gets tired from such kind of ordinary keyboards. 

Working of a standard keyboard

The keyboard works in a simple way, you can enter the characters from your keyboard to your computer in a simple step. You just need to press the keys that are on the keyboard and the text will automatically enters in the computer system. You don’t need to do many things in order to enter the text or alphabets to your computer system. You can work easily with the help of a keyboard but you have to learn typing skills first for working or entering the characters in the computer quickly. If you have typing skills then it is a good thing to you because you can enter the characters in the computer quickly and in a short time. There is no need to type a simple character and then other character because you have a typing skills.

The users can work very easily with the help of a keyboard and there are many keys are on the keyboard for different purposes. The alphabetic keys help a user to enter the characters in the computer such as in the Microsoft Word or in the Notepad. It is up to you whether you want to enter the characters in the Notepad or in the Microsoft Word.

The keys on a simple keyboard

If you want to know the keys that are in the keyboard then you should read this article because except knowing the keys on the keyboard, you will learn so much things related to keyboard in this article. It is very beneficial article for the users and for the beginners specially because the beginner can learn many things about keyboard and also learn that how many keys are on the keyboard. The purpose of the keys is different from one another because some keys are function keys that perform actions while you want to change the settings in Windows or for other purposes. The alphabetic keys are for entering the characters in the computer system to maintain the records of a user. You can record the data of business or a company and whenever you need the data, you simple go to the place where you saved your data in a computer system.

Different Keyboards with different keys


  • IBM or PC Keyboard’s keys

There are different kind of keyboards are available and we are here to mention the keys on these keyboards. Every keyboard contains different keys and the different keys performs different kind of actions on a computer. In the following, there are few of the keyboards whose keys will be discussed below;

  • Original IBM PC Keyboard

This PC Keyboard contains 83 keys in a keyboard and it is a keyboard of 1981.

  • Updated IBM PC keyboard

The update version of this keyboard is in the year of 1984 with having 84 keys in a keyboard.

  • AT Keyboard and AT Enhanced Keyboard

The AT keyboard has 84 keys and all the 84 keys perform different actions in a computer system while on the other hand, there is an AT-enhanced keyboard with 101 keys.

  • US Traditional Keyboard

This keyboard has the same number of keys as the AT enhanced keyboard has i.e. 101 keys.

  • Enhanced European Keyboard

The Enhanced European Keyboard is the updated version of the US traditional keyboard and the other keyboards that we have explained above. It has more keys as compared to the above keyboards that we have mentioned i.e. 102 keys.

  • Windows Keyboard

A Windows Keyboard has 104 keys and all the 104 keys are for different purposes. Some keys are function keys and a few of the numeric keys are on the Windows Keyboard. There are Alphabetical keys too on a Windows Keyboard for entering the Text into the computer. 

  • Windows-Based Laptop Keyboard and Multimedia Keyboard

The Windows-based laptop keyboard contains 86 keys on a keyboard while on the other hand, there is a Windows-based multimedia keyboard whose keys vary by how many special keys are in the keyboard.

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