iOS vs Android Development

iOS vs Android Development | Important Tips You Should Know

As you know the function of the iOS and Android apps are different from each other. The Apple and Android tools, software, hardware, and even their using system have no common at all.

If you want to find out the differences, which one is better to use, or which one is better for your business, if you don’t know how they work; keep reading to figure out about them.

As you know, social media like Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp Messenger, and so on are available and are the most abusive apps on mobiles. For instance, like most countries, Instagram, Spotify, and WhatsApp Messenger are the most popular mobile applications in Australia for both Android and iOS fans.

Which one is better, iOS or Android?

If you want to choose between Android and iOS; first consider your business, your budget, and time to market. Then think of the programs, the apps that you want to use in it.

For example, Apple has an incredible app store, and Android has better organizing apps. You can put the important app on your home screen or hide the apps you don’t want to use.

Population of User

Demographics can tell us about the android or ios users, for example, their age, their location.

In fact, most of the countries in America use iOS. But on the other hand, most of the European and Asian countries use Android.

Android users are most likely younger people and who have never traveled abroad. But ios users are more likely, who have a graduate degree, make over $200k and want to spend money, and have visited more than five countries.

OS Updates

Both android and apple systems release new app updates once a year. For updating android new app release, it may take multiple hours to publish the new OS release. As for iOS, it might take up to one or two weeks to update the new OS release.

iOS vs Android Devices

The important thing that you need to consider is the screen size and resolution.

Apple supplies a limited range of devices depending on the design of the iPhone and iPad. It has a smaller screen size, but it is easy to habituate yourself with the device.

Android devices have different shapes and sizes because many producers make devices with the Android OS.

Other Hardware

Besides the screen size and resolution, there is other hardware that you need to focus on. For example, the battery life, memory, camera quality, etc. As you know ios and android have competition for making their device better and useful. If you haven’t decided yet which one to buy. Consider the hardware of the device.

Charging and Battery Life

For Android platforms it’s hard to say; because of the different kinds. But as you can see most android phones don’t need to be recharged as often as iPhones.


In the last few years, iOS and Android phones are in close competition with each other. They have increased the phone’s memory to be useful and available for all time.

Camera Quality

 iPhone phones’ cameras are a bit better than the androids’. But again they don’t have lots of differences.


It’s up to you which one you want to use. The more you know about the device you want to buy, the easier it will be for you to decide. Of course, every device has pros and cons, but what matters is which one you are more comfortable using, which one you can easily spend money on.

Considering your location and age can help you to find out about which device, ios or android, to use. Before buying, have a point of view about the hardware of the device and mobile development.

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