Austin Home Safety 101: Are Pest Control Companies the Same as Exterminators?

No one wants to think of pests, bugs, and rodents, but in case of pest infestation in your Austin home, you must take immediate steps. Before you consider DIY pest control, it is wise to consider the risks. Most of the TikTok and internet hacks don’t really work, and using pesticides and chemicals without experience is not a wise idea. If you look for local services for pest control in Austin, TX, you will find many options. The question here is simple – are pest control companies the same as exterminators? Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences.


The role of an exterminator is to kill pests. No matter the circumstances, they will do everything to eliminate pests from your property. On the other hand, pest control companies focus on finding the source of the problem and fixing the problem for good. You can expect better results and long-term solutions from a pest control company rather than an exterminator.

Methods and means

Most pest control companies are members of professional associations and have standard means to tackle certain types of infestation. Exterminators don’t really care much about means and methods, as long as they are able to get of pests and rodents. This often involves indiscriminate use of certain chemicals and pesticides, which have inherent risks. On the contrary, pest control services stick to environment-friendly means and methods when possible.

Expertise & knowledge

There is no denying that pest control companies have more experience and expertise than exterminators. Many companies have entomologists working with the pest control team. Their workers are often trained and certified, and these companies make an effort to understand and find possible causes of the infestation. Exterminators may not have the same level of expertise.

Assurance & preventative maintenance

If you want to prevent unwanted damage to your home because of pests, you should consider preventative maintenance. With a preventative maintenance contract, the pest control company will send a team for inspecting your property periodically, and if there are any issues, they will fix the same immediately. You can also get a warranty on the job. If the problem surfaces anytime soon, you can expect the company to take care of the same without additional costs. Exterminators just fix the problem at hand, and that’s it.

If you need any help with a pest problem, find a local pest control company that is licensed and known, and don’t forget to check reviews.

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