3 Benefits of Telehealth for Patients and Doctors

The COVID-19 pandemic made clear what people with busy schedules and physical limitations have said for ages: Sometimes, leaving the house to see the doctor isn’t possible!

The rise of telemedicine or telehealth services during the crisis came close to eliminating this problem. Protecting people from contagious viruses is one of many benefits of telehealth. Take a look at this quick list to learn a few other advantages.

1. Faster Patient Turnaround

The best medical professionals address all of a patient’s concerns and don’t rush. At the same time, most clinics have to see many patients each day to stay in business.

Cleaning exam rooms and other prep takes a lot of time. In many cases, it doesn’t take exam tables and such to address patients’ complaints. Without time-consuming preparation, medical professionals can see more patients.

Faster turnaround makes for happier patients and brings in much-needed revenue. It’s among the top advantages of telehealth as it lets doctors meet these goals without sacrificing quality.

2. Making Appointments Easier for the Disabled and Ill

People who are chronically ill, disabled, or even sick with the flu can’t always make their way to the doctor. In the final case, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all too well that sick people making a physical trip to the doctor can do more harm than good.

Physical exams, vaccinations, and diagnostic procedures can’t be done via telehealth but the format suits many if not most appointments. Telehealth services are a game-changer for those with disabilities and illnesses.

Patients don’t need to spend time getting in and out of wheelchair vans or taking as long packing up their medical equipment as it takes to drive to the doctor’s office. They can “go to” appointments from bed if need be.

3. Cuts Down on No-Shows

If you ask any doctor about their biggest professional frustrations, they’ll tell you how horrible it is when patients don’t show up without advance notice. No-shows waste medical professionals’ time. They also take up slots other patients could use if they had more time to reschedule.

Despite some misconceptions, doing this is few people’s first choice. The peaks and valleys of chronic symptoms and emergencies like a sick kid make giving advance notice impossible.

Although it’s sometimes hard to avoid, many clinics have harsh policies about no-shows: Some ban patients from returning after a couple of offenses! That’s understandable for reckless patients who dodge appointments, but it’s a raw deal for those in tricky situations.

Ease of access is one of the best things about telehealth platforms. Patients can hop on the computer and smartphones with no problem compared to the effort it takes to get to the doctor’s office.

More Valuable Facts Like the Benefits of Telehealth

These key benefits of telehealth should be enough to convince doctors to offer the service and for everyone to try it out for their next appointments. It’s a convenient, inexpensive option in the best of times.

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