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Do I Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Are you looking to apply for social security disability insurance? If you have become disabled and can no longer work, you may qualify for this benefit.

Applying for SSDI is no easy task. It’s a complex process as the government can take a long time to review the application.

The government denies about 70% of the SSDI applications. Chances are that your application will face the same fate. To increase your chances of getting SSDI, hire a social security disability lawyer.

Read this guide to learn how a social security disability lawyer can help you with this process.

Help Making Your Case

If you’re going to make your case for SSDI, you’ll need to have a lot of patience. Making a case for SSDI benefits isn’t easy.

There is a significant amount of paperwork to fill out. Applicants must submit documentation that shows they have a disability or medical condition. They have to show they can’t work because of the disability or medical condition.

A large number of forms can be hard to manage. This causes many applicants to make mistakes. The errors can lead to a claim denial.

A social security disability attorney will know what forms you’ll need to submit. With knowledge of the social security laws, the attorney will help you make your case.

Helping You File an Appeal

The best social security disability lawyer does more than help a client file an initial application. Did you file an initial claim that wasn’t approved? If this was the case, you’ll need to hire a social security disability attorney to file an appeal on your behalf.

There are strict rules and deadlines you’ll need to meet if you file an appeal. Your social security disability lawyer will give you the information you’ll need to make your case stronger.

The lawyer will also help you get the information so you don’t have to stress. You can expect your lawyer to contact your doctor to get the documents you need.

Best of all, you can rest assured that your lawyer will organize all the documents and submit them. The documents will be submitted to the SSA department per their guidelines.

Going to Trial

If your case isn’t resolved, your social security disability lawyer can ask for your case to undergo a review by the SSA Appeals Council. If this council happens to deny your claim, you may seek to file a civil suit in a federal district court.

An SSDI case that goes up to this level of the appeals process needs a social security disability attorney who has a lot of experience.

Looking to hire a social security lawyer with experience, contact Heard and Smith.

Hire the Right Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you want to get SSDI, make sure to hire a social security disability lawyer. This type of lawyer understands how the system works. Your chances of getting your claim approved will go up.

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