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How to Choose a Fluoride Water Filter For Your Home

Because the water we drink today is contaminated, there is a need to have the drinking water treated. When you treat your drinking water, you remove the contaminants present in the water, making the water palatable and less risky to health. The challenge is that no single water filter removes all contaminants and disease-causing pathogens from the water. However, you can use a combination of treatment methods and at long last have nothing but clean and safe drinking water. One such method is the use of fluoride water filters. Fluoride water filters remove fluoride ions from the water. The fluoride could be found attached to a metal ion such as sodium ion, potassium ion, magnesium ion, or the positive ammonium ion. If the fluoride water filter is the water treatment machine of your choice, it is critical to know how to choose the filter. Here are ideas on how to choose a fluoride water filter for your home.

  • Ease of installation– the filter that you source for fluoride removal should be easy to install. For instance, if you want to fit the filter into your kitchen sink line, you should not have trouble doing this.
  • Ability to remove total dissolved solids– while a water filter could be efficient at removing fluoride from water, the system could be inefficient in filtering total dissolved solids in the water, which are equally potential contaminants. The Aquagear fluoride filter does well in removing fluoride, but it leaves behind a lot of total dissolved solids.
  • The filter design– it is critical to pay attention to how the fluoride water filter you are about to buy is designed. Some of the best fluoride water filters, such as Home Master, iSpring, and Aquagear, have a wonderful design that includes a silver chrome faucet, sleek design, a 360⁰ swivel, and a pressure gauge through which you can know the status of water.
  • The speed of water filtration- this is another important factor to consider when sourcing a fluoride water filter is its filtration speed. Depending on your needs as gauged by the household size, you may have a variety of filters. Typical fluoride water filters do 50gallons/day, while some do less or more.
  • Ease of installation- you should buy a fluoride filter that will give you an easy time installing it. The installation guide and the online technical filtration support provide the needed installation guidelines. Some companies have organized videos that take you step-by-step through the installation processes.
  • Lifetime– because you spend a fortune on the fluoride water filter, sourcing a filter that will last long is quite sustainable. The Home Master is one such fluoride water filter with a long life.
  • The presence of a pre-filter- before you can take any fluoride water home, ensure that the filter has a pre-filter that targets sediments in the water just before the actual filtration to protect the filter and prevent it from clogging.
  • Built-in booster pumper- most fluoride water filters use reverse osmosis technology in removing fluoride. Reverse osmosis uses water pressure to do filtration. Therefore, selecting a filter with a built-in booster pumper will keep the pressure strong enough and sustain the filter throughout its lifetime.
  • Ease of removal for filter changes- as part of maintenance, you will have to change the filters at some point in time. Therefore, save yourself from the hassle of spending a fortune in hiring someone to do a simple filter change. You can do so by buying a fluoride water filter with easy-to-remove filters.
  • Ability to remove trace metals– some people prefer using several filters to complement the fluoride water filters. Of course, this comes with a cost. To save on cost, source a fluoride water filters whose design allows it to remove trace metals like lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, and other dangerous metals.
  • The size of the fluoride water filter– it is of utmost significance to pay attention to the size of the fluoride water filter you are about to buy. Small-sized water filters are the best as they can fit in the limited space in your kitchen. The typical Aquagear size is one admired by many as the filter comfortably fits in the refrigerator. This way, the fluoride water filter filters the water, and the fridge cools the water, making you have the safe cold water you want.
  • Ability to remove bad taste and odor- some dealers may lie about the features of their fluoride water filters, even saying that the filters can remove the unpleasant taste and odor typical of municipal water when in the real sense, the filter cannot do that. The best way to ascertain the filter’s ability to remove bad taste and odor from water is by checking customer review online.


A small amount of fluoride in water is healthy. However, when the fluoride is in excess, it becomes a contaminant. Therefore, you might consider buying a fluoride water filter to help remove fluoride. In doing so, the points discussed in this article will guide you in choosing the right fluoride water filter for your home.


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