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AquaOx Water Filters – 8 Qualities of a Good Filter

The need for proper water filtration cannot be overemphasized. This is because of the dangers associated with having and using options that are not filtered.

For instance, reliable statistics have shown how over 100,000 cancer cases in the USA (alone) are linked to bad water. More often than not, the problem is drinking such. For more information about this, you can click here.

This is just one of the dangers associated with not taking water filtration seriously. Other than this, you should also know that the body depends so much on this natural resource. This is especially because water constitutes well over 60 percent of the human body.

The point we are driving at is the need to invest in a filtration system. However, you need to get the right one. This is because there are options that would not serve the needed purpose out there. So, you need to understand what you are to look out for.

We advise you to keep reading if you agree with the aforementioned point. This is because we will discuss 8 qualities of a good filter here. By the end of this article, we hope that you will be able to make informed decisions when getting a filter.

What a Good Filter Should Offer You

Some of the yardsticks that would help you choose right amongst the plethora of filters in the market are explained below:

Effective Filtration System

Frankly, this is the major reason you are getting one in the first place. So, you cannot afford to settle for something that does not guarantee effective filtration.

There are many seen and unseen things that your water needs to be free from. An effective filtration system will make sure they are not a part of your water anymore.

When searching, we suggest you go for an option that offers filtration in multiple stages. Experience has shown how such products do a better job. Left to us, an option that does not filter in more than 5 stages should be ruled out.

We have even seen options that go as far as 7 stages. Water supplied to your property stands a better chance of being effectively filtered when it undergoes several stages of filtration.

The point here is that the importance of multiple stages of water filtration cannot be overemphasized. So, you should go for a product that offers this.

Certified by Credible Bodies

Buying a filter should be treated very seriously. This is why you cannot afford to just go for anything you come by. You need to research the brand that manufactured the product and find out if they are good enough.

One of the areas of concern should be certification by credible bodies in the water treatment industry. For instance, a good option should be NSF certified.

We strongly advise that you make sure of this. This is because this certification is one of the best and trusted in the industry. The body is known not to comprise on standards that are in the best interest of people that use these products.

Another credible certification for manufacturers of these products is WQA. You just need to make sure credible bodies in the industry are convinced that the brand’s product is good enough.

Easy Installation

It would be great if you can get something easy to install. And for the record, products that are difficult to set up are not necessarily better. It is just down to innovativeness from the manufacturers.

And you deserve to deal with a brand that is good at this. So, you should make sure it is easy to install.

Lengthy Life Span and Warranty

There are some great filters in the market to be candid. However, some of them are not great in the area of durability. You might have to replace the filters or certain parts sooner than expected.

You should avoid such products. We would rather prefer you pay top dollar for something that offers durability. This pays instead of ending up with something that would need replacement in a few years.

So, we strongly recommend you go for a brand that can offer a warranty of no less than 10 years. Furthermore, the product should have a life span between 15 – 20 years.

Experience and Good Reviews

We have discovered that experience helps you to know a good manufacturer of this product. This is because you can tell from the kind of reviews they would have gotten over the years.

It is also important that you make informed decisions by going over reviews from sources that are credible. This is because some are biased in their assessment because of what they stand to gain. So, ensure you make informed decisions by working with a good review platform(s).

Easy Maintenance

You should go for something easy to maintain. This proves that the product’s quality is unquestionable. Some products meet this standard well enough out there.

Wide Range of Options

A good water filter Canada manufacturer understands that customers have various needs. As a result, they provide filters that help meet these needs.

For instance, while some people are battling hard water, some are battling water with a high and unhealthy concentration of chlorine and heavy metals. So, they all need products that help solve these problems.

If you are faced with the problem of hard water, we suggest you go for something that filters with a salt-based formula. On the other hand, a whole house filter is best if you are dealing with so much contaminant.

Impressive Capacity

You should not only be bothered about the filtration effectiveness. As much as this is important, you also need to pay attention to the capacity as you do not want something small.

This is especially true if your water needs are high. You should know that there are products that have impressive capacity out there. For instance, we have seen something that can do as much as 2 million gallons. You can see to learn more about such products.

Wrap Up

We have discussed 8 ways you can know a good water filter. Considering the importance of landing the right filter, we advise that you put the information shared here to good use.

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