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How to Figure Profit from Cloud Mining: Valuable Information from Experts

It is known that mining is a process of solving cryptographic problems, which is accompanied by recording the history of all transactions in blocks. Today, there are whole associations of miners, and the actual process of extracting cryptocurrencies is divided into separate areas. One of them is cloud mining.

Hashing24 online resource is rightly rated as one of the most reliable bitcoin cloud mining companies. In comparison with other services, cloud mining on this website is considered one of the best ways to earn on cryptocurrencies, as it frees the user from round-the-clock control, large electricity bills, and other difficulties of classic mining.

Cloud Bitcoin Mining Profitability

Today, the profitability of the cloud mining market is 0.2-0.5% per day, with the possibility of daily profit or reinvestment. “Permanent” contracts mean that once you invest in equipment, you will make a profit, while the supplier will receive a net profit from this equipment. These rates assume that at the same rate, you can receive from 60 to 150 US dollars a month if you invest $ 1,000.

According to the experts, the payback period of your investments is 7-17 months if the conditions are not changed, and the daily payment of profits is provided. You will then receive a “net income” for the duration of the contract.

If you take into account that interest is paid daily, the effective income in the case of reinvestment is 100-500% per year. In the event of an increase in the bitcoin exchange rate, it is possible to make a profit due to the exchange rate difference.

How to Calculate Profit from Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Today, a cheap or free online calculator is most often used to calculate the revenue from cloud mining bitcoin. It is easy to use and allows you to calculate exactly what profit you get from mining.

One of the most accurate online calculators for calculating cloud mining revenue is located on the service. Cloud bitcoin mining calculator allows you to calculate the income from trial mining, taking into account investments in the farm, electricity prices, exchange rates, and more.

What Factors Influence the Profitability of Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining?

There are a number of factors that affect how much you earn from profitable bitcoin mining cloud:

  • Equipment performance. Depending on the number of video cards or ASICs and their total power, you can calculate the hash rate that they are able to issue;
  • Equipment price. This item is directly related to the first. To ensure maximum performance, you need to invest in equipment;
  • The rate of the mined coin. This is a very important factor. Your profitability directly depends on the rate of the mined coin;
  • The complexity of the network. In recent years, the network has gradually become more complicated. This requires more equipment productivity and weeds out weaker miners.

So, calculate the profitability of bitcoin cloud mining based on the use of an online calculator on the platform You will surely succeed!

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