The most practical uses for trucks in Australia

Trucks are an unmistakable part of Australian industry, transporting large hauls of cargo and moving heavy duty equipment across the country. Trucks are an imperative part of the construction, logistics, shipping and vehicle industries, as they are heavy duty, versatile and take on bigger jobs than most vehicles. If you’re looking for truck finance in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or beyond and thinking about the ways they are best utilised, here’s a list of the most practical uses for trucks in Australia.

  • Moving

Moving home can be a real struggle without the help of a professional removalist. Naturally, these removalists have their truck licences and are able to navigate the narrow roads and bends of Australian suburbs and rural towns. Trucks are able to carry large amounts of home possessions at the one time, and make for the most efficient vehicle for completing a proper move.

  • Hauling

Do you need a large item transported from Adelaide to Sydney? The most efficient way to do so isn’t by plane – it’s by truck! Trucks are equipped with heavy duty hook and chain components that are perfect for moving large objects over long distances. Transporting heavy duty items interstate is a lot more reliable when done by truck as you can trust that the items won’t be knocked around as much as if, say, you were transporting it originally by truck, to the airport, onto a plane, onto another truck etc.

  • Towing

Individuals and organisations alike rely on tow-trucks if their vehicle happens to break down in an unfortunate place. In fact, government agencies and large organisations often have their own towing services in case their vehicles break down.

  • Garbage collection & recycling

It’s early in the morning, and you can hear the beeps and crashes of the trusty garbage truck. It may seem frustrating but, hey, garbage collection and recycling wouldn’t exist without good quality garbage collection vehicles to pick up these mass amounts of trash and recyclables in the first place!

  • Delivery

Who hasn’t been on a road trip in Australia and noticed those giants of the road delivering all kinds of goods across the country? Delivery and shipping is one of the most important industries in Australia, especially as delivery drivers often have to cover so much ground to get their shipment to its next location. Groceries, clothing, tech and tools – you name it – it’s transported via truck.

Heavy duty trucks are tough & reliable

Heavy duty trucks are the most reliable on the roads for moving large items and bigger consignments. Smaller trucks and utes are often susceptible to breaking down if fitted with too many items or items that are too heavy, so it’s important to use a heavy duty truck, complete with strong transmission and large engine, to ensure that your loads can reach their destination safely.

Heavy duty trucks are cost & time-effective

Using quality trucks means using a reliable vehicle. This, in turn, ensures that you spend less time on transport costs. You don’t have to spend money on multiple trips, as the one truck can handle a large container that could possibly fit everything you need shipped at the one time.

In this sense, trucks are a much more effective option than transporting with other vehicles. If you have a large consignment that needs safe, efficient transportation, whether locally or interstate, you can trust that the great Aussie truck to get the shipment where it needs to go with ease.

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