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What to Do When You Need an Affordable Family Lawyer

When you said I do, you meant forever. But, things change.

Now that you’re planning a divorce, things will likely get complicated. You and your former spouse need to split up your property and figure out living arrangements. If you have kids, you’ll need to agree on a child care and custody plan, too.

As if that wasn’t enough to think about, you also need to vet and hire a quality and affordable family lawyer. Without one, making those tough life decisions could backfire.

Are you lost in a sea of confusion and not sure where to start? Don’t worry; we’ll help you along. Read on to learn exactly what to do when you need a family lawyer.

Research Your Options

When you know you need a family lawyer, your first step should be researching your options. To get started, do a quick web search for law firms in your area. Make sure to verify that the firms and lawyers focus on family law.

Jot down a list of some of the top results. Then, do your due diligence and take a look at each option. Check out the firm’s reviews, peek at their website, and look at the firm’s past results.

Consider Your Needs and Wants

Next, you need to come up with a good idea of what you need and want. Are you hoping to get spousal support? Do you want primary custody of your children? Make sure you have the answers before you reach out to an attorney.

Prepare Your Documents

While this step isn’t crucial, it’s a good idea to gather up some documents before meeting with a lawyer, too. They’ll want to know you and your spouse’s financial situation and the assets you both own.

With the documents, you’ll be prepared to answer any initial questions your attorney asks.

Attend a Consultation

ABA data from 2020 revealed that over half of lawyers perform free legal services. About 74% of those free services involved giving out legal advice. With that in mind, there’s a great chance you can get a quality free consultation.

During this meeting, get a feel for your lawyer’s personality. Go over your situation and your needs and wants. Ask about fees, and see if your lawyer is attentive and personable.

Does everything seem to be going according to plan? If so, then you’ve found the best family lawyer for your situation! Hash out the details and hire your lawyer to get started on your case.

Hire an Affordable Family Lawyer Now

An affordable family lawyer doesn’t only help you resolve your disputes with your ex. More importantly, they give you peace of mind and strength to do what you need to do. After all, divorce is no easy process and you deserve to have a skilled advocate by your side.

Now that you know what to do, it’s time for you to find a good lawyer you can trust.

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