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Tech and Fashion: Wearable Tech Products You Need In Your Wardrobe

It’s no wonder that, as technology grows more pervasive in our daily lives, it’s finding its way into our style and fashion choices.

Wearable technology has opened up hundreds of new possibilities, allowing users to access computer tasks and essential health-tracking features while on the road. Daily tasks have been made easier and more convenient, thanks to new innovative wearables that can be configured with computers and smartphones to track every activity and give real-time feedback.

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With so many items on the market these days, it may be tough to know which ones are worthwhile. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite five stylish items to buy, ranging from smartwatches to period pain treatment gadgets.

Wearable fitness trackers

A good fitness tracker is an excellent alternative to a smartwatch if you don’t need all the bells and alarms. These gadgets include stress tracking, activity timers, heart rate monitoring, step counting, and calorie tracking, among other health and fitness features.

They’re also usually smaller and slimmer than smartwatches, so you’ll be less aware that you’re wearing one.


Smartwatches are currently one of the most popular gadget categories, and it’s simple to understand why. These watches, which are made by some of the world’s greatest digital firms, include fitness and sleep monitoring, call and text capability, in-built GPS, music streaming, social network access, and more.

They’re also available in a number of styles, colors, and sizes, so they’ll go with any outfit.

Wearable smart jewellery

Several renowned manufacturers are now manufacturing the best in design and tech fusion: smart jewellery, whether you’re looking for a health tracker or a safety gadget.

From bracelets to handbags, there’s now a myriad of fashionable electronics that blends in with your daily routine while concealing its actual purpose.

Period pain management gadget

While period pain management gadgets are more about purpose than design, if you go through menstrual cramps, the technology is still worth the investment.

The electrode gel pads cling to your abdomen and the gadgets may be worn discreetly on your waistline. You may then send out electric micro-pulses to stimulate nerves and stop period discomfort while you’re out and about with the push of a button.

Stylish smart sneakers

Sneakers have always been some of the most popular fashion trends, allowing wearables to break into a hitherto untapped market.

Technology is revolutionizing fashion for people with disabilities, from self-lacing shoes to hands-free designs. It’s not only producing the ultimate wearer fit, but it’s also revolutionizing fashion for people with disabilities.

Pet wearables

You’d be crazy to think that wearable technology is only for humans. The pet industry, on the contrary, is thriving. Owners may spy on what their dogs are up to during the day with products like the Whistle Activity Monitor, and use this knowledge to design better tactics for enhancing their physical and emotional well-being. It can, for example, reveal which rooms to keep closed, and which areas to stock with constructive diverting activities.

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