Scalp Sores

Scalp Sores and Scabs That Won’t Heal?

You might be surprised to learn that over 15% of the population deals with scalp sores or scabs and a percentage of those would classify those as a chronic problem because these are sores that won’t heal. There are a lot of different reasons for issues with the scalp that can cause blisters and similar on the head, face, eyebrows and even behind or just inside the ears. However, the 1st question you want answered is – is this cancer. Everybody has that as their first question. If you are unsure then go see a dermatologist, especially if it is the exact same sore.

Most women and men suffer from sores that keep coming back all over the scalp or general places and not the exact sore. However, please go see a dermatologist but you will be happy to know that 99% of people with these do not have cancer. So if you are one of the ones that doesn’t have cancer and wants to know what you can do to get your scalp back on the healthy side of things then here is what causes most eruptions on the head or even in the beard and where hair follicles are found.

One of the primary scalp conditions that causes these scalp blisters that seem to itch uncontrollably and don’t want to go away is seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea eczema. Both of these can be troublesome if you don’t what it is that you are trying to control. Read more on how to find out how to control this right away.

What Causes Scalp Chronic Scalp Scabs and Sores?

Bacterial and Fungus is the main answer but understand that oily hair and scalp are a strong indicator that you have seborrheic dermatitis. Pictures of seborrheic dermatitis show the itching, flaking scabs, blisters, sores and even large peeling chunks of white waxy or hardened crusty sebum. If your scalp is oily or greasy then odds are the sebum oils are feeding the fungus. A Deep Cleansing Shampoo or Scalp Scrub with Botanicals needs to be used. 1st you need to open the hardened scalp plugs and skin build up at the hair follicle openings and then secondly you need to flush out the hair follicles and remove the excess buildup that has accumulated and allowed fungus, mites of the demodex origin and yeast such as candida to flourish under the hair line. This is why so many products are in effective. Zincplex Brand was the first and still is the main herbal complex that is used in Best Oily Hair Shampoo and scalp scrubs to open up the clogged skin pores on the head allowing to breathe and grow properly.

How To Get Rid Of the Fungus That Causes Itching Flaking, Sores, Scabs and Seborrheic Dermatitis?

 The main reason that you need a detox shampoo to deep cleanse the hair root and follicle for Seborrhea Dermatitis Treatment Scalp is because that killing the fungus on the surface of the scalp is not enough. What is inside the hair follicles has to be handled to control symptoms. Removing the sebum and limiting the amount of production from the sebaceous gland is vital to stop the fungus and mites and yeast from over growing. You will see your symptoms subside almost immediately and stay that way once the amount of oils are controlled. This goes for anywhere on the body where you are having symptoms from seborrhea.

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