Right Decision to Propose to Her

Signs That You’re Making the Right Decision to Propose to Her

Deciding to ask for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage is a life-changing moment. You’re taking the next step in the relationship. There’s also no guarantee that she will say yes. It’s a risk, and you have to take it when you’re confident of the decision. These are the signs that you’re doing the right thing.

You’re happy with what you have

You can’t propose if you have too many questions about your relationship. It means that you’re not yet ready to take the next step. Find the answers to these questions first by getting to know each other. Eventually, you can say that it’s the right thing to do. However, if you already feel happy and have no doubts about the relationship, you should pursue your plans to propose.

You can’t imagine life without her

Another sign that you found the perfect one is if you can’t imagine life without her. Try to close your eyes and picture yourself living a life without her by your side. If you can’t even think about it, you found the right one. You will regret it if you decide not to marry her.

You dealt with problems together

A perfect relationship doesn’t mean you won’t face problems. You will still go through difficulties, and it’s even better if you had one before. If you overcame them and remained strong, it’s a good sign. It means that you can face more adversities in the future. You can’t let anything prevent you from having a wonderful relationship.

You’re already talking about marriage

If you already start talking about getting married, it means that your girlfriend ready. It’s a problem if you decide to ask her hand in marriage if you know that it’s not yet part of her immediate plans. She might still want to achieve greater heights in her career. She also wants to enjoy her life not being married yet. Once you decide to tie the knot and have a family, it’s a different ball game. She will only open up about being together forever if she’s ready to take that step.

You don’t have doubts about your feelings

You might want to ask her hand because you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, people confuse love with infatuation. Your overwhelming feelings don’t mean that you’re ready to marry her. Some people have even been together for several years, and they’re not yet confident about getting married. There’s no need to rush if you can’t say you’re sure about tying the knot.

Take your time

When you have doubts, you shouldn’t pop the question yet. Eventually, you will feel that it’s the right time. Once it happens, start looking for the best ring. Click here if you want to go a notch higher for a GIA Diamond. You will love the choices, and she will feel the same. Her saying yes will most likely be more meaningful since you spent time finding the best ring. Enjoy your relationship, and don’t let anything stop you from being happy. Once you commit to her, you should stand by that decision.

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