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Preparing Your Home for Repiping

Whether your plumbing has started to fail or you’re moving into a fixer-upper, repiping a house is a significant renovation. It’s not something you can expect to have done in a weekend. This undertaking will seriously disrupt your life and turn your home into a construction zone. It’s essential that your house—and your family—are prepared for the project before it begins. Keep reading to learn more about how to prep for repiping your home.

Clear the Construction Area

Repiping will involve opening up your walls to access the existing pipes and lay new ones. A plumber should be able to tell you the areas they will need to clear for construction purposes. Even if it’s an entire home repipe, there will likely be some rooms of your home that don’t have plumbing running through the walls, so those can remain undisturbed. However, any walls with piping will need to remove all décor, and you will want to move any furniture and other personal possessions out of the area.

Your repipe specialists should hang plastic sheets to divide the space from the rest of the home and prevent construction dust and debris from contaminating other areas of your home. However, anything left in the area where the pipes are being installed may get dirty or even damaged.

Shut Off Your Water

Of course, pipes can’t be replaced with water running through them. Before your crew arrives, you must have the water shut off to the entire home. They may even ask you to try to flush water out of the pipes by opening taps throughout the house after the water is off. This will minimize any water damage to your home by ensuring no stagnant water is still in the pipes when they disconnect them.

Consider Staying Elsewhere

With the construction going on for days and no running water, you’ll probably not want to try to live in your house while the repiping is going on. Ask a friend or relative if your family can stay with them until the project is complete, or consider booking a stay at a nearby hotel for the duration of the repipe.

The exact length of your project will depend on how much pipe needs to be replaced, so be sure to talk to your repipe specialists in Sacramento to get an idea of how long you’ll need to be away.

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