Why IT Scalability Is Such a Problem for Growing Businesses

New businesses face many obstacles as they grow. One issue that can make or break a growing business is scalability. Scalability refers to your company’s ability to adjust and adapt to changing demands as your business grows. When most business owners think of scalability, they think about how to properly scale the production and distribution of their products or fulfillment of their services. However, scalability also refers to in-house issues like your business’s IT needs. Scaling your tech strategy at the right pace can be just as crucial as adequately scaling your production. Keep reading to discover why this is such a problem for growing businesses.

Insufficient Technology Impacts Productivity

Appropriately paced IT strategy ensures that employees have the tools to do their jobs, collaborate on projects, and communicate with customers. If you’re not scaling your IT infrastructure properly, your employees don’t have the necessary technology to perform their daily tasks efficiently. This means lost productivity, which impacts profits. Because most growing businesses operate on a shoestring budget, even a small loss in productivity can make the difference between turning a profit and ending up in the red.

Scaling Your In-House Team Is Difficult

One of the departments most impacted by a business’s inability to scale correctly is the IT department. Just as you need to pace the rate you hire customer-facing employees correctly, you need to scale your IT team as the business grows appropriately. This can be extremely difficult since finding, hiring, and training quality IT personnel takes time. Many growing companies will find that their IT teams are stretched thin, struggling to keep up with helpdesk tickets, much less engaging in meaningful IT projects that help the company thrive.

On the other side, however, businesses that hire IT team members too rapidly will find themselves with high IT costs and low output, as you’ll be paying IT guys to be present in case they’re needed.

Outdated Technology Puts You Behind Competitors

Finally, it’s essential to consider where your competition is at with their technology. If your business is outdated, customers may take it to a company that provides higher-tech, more efficient options. Properly scaling your IT infrastructure includes keeping up with technological changes and ensuring that your network is adequately sized for your business. This adds another layer of complexity to the mix, as you don’t want to fall behind the competition.

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