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How to Dress Up Your Delaware Log Cabin for Maximum Magic

There’s nothing more relaxing than having your own private getaway – and it’s easier than ever to achieve that tranquility now that park model log cabins are such a popular option. Now, anyone with the funds and a small patch of land can have a rustic vacation spot all to themselves, at a reasonable price and with far less hassle than building their own. Park model log cabins are great for those with no homebuilding know-how, as they are a turnkey solution and require no assembly whatsoever from the buyer.

If you’ve recently purchased a park model log cabin, you’ll be delighted to find that much of it comes prebuilt, which means that you can get right to the fun part of owning your own space: decorating it! Let’s look at a few great solutions for making your new log cabin reflect your own personality without sacrificing that rustic charm.

Incorporate hanging plants

Given that cabins are usually located in a secluded spot lush with nature, it only makes sense to bring the great outdoors inside with a few well-tended houseplants. Having plants around is a massive boost to any space for a number of reasons, including the fact that they reduce stress, clean the air, and provide a buffer that reduces noise.

However, since cabins are small, you need to choose the species and location of your plants carefully so that they don’t overwhelm the space. One great solution is to hang your plants on hooks or curtain hangers; this way, you leave precious counter space and shelf space open for other belongings. You can even purchase macrame plant hangers that are capable of holding two or three small pots, maximizing how many plants you can include in your decor.

If you’d like to go above and beyond to incorporate that Delaware flair, you can check with your local botanical society to see what native plants can thrive as houseplants. There are many beautiful flowers and vines available, and trailing plants look especially stunning when placed in a hanging planter.

Utilize vertical space

In the same vein, you’ll want to use vertical space as much as possible: meaning that you should hang things on the walls instead of having more traditional furniture. Think about the last time you tried to maneuver through a room that simply had far too many tables or cabinets in it; it’s not conducive to a relaxing, comfortable getaway. Most park model log cabins come with built-in cabinets and shelves, which makes your task much easier, but it’s still important to skillfully utilize these so that your cabin feels tidy and spacious.

You might hang your pots and pans from sturdy hooks above the stove so that your kitchen cabinets can be filled only with plates and bowls that can’t be hung, and invest in a pegboard that can hang your coffee cups and mugs. Beside the door, place another set of pegs to hang up coats and umbrellas, then use tall cubbies for your shoes and boots; this will allow a whole family’s set of shoes to take up the same floor space as one pair.

Focus on nautical theming

Like most Atlantic states, Delaware has a rich nautical history: it’s the home of the Delaware Bay, which ushered commerce from the sea into the Delaware River and thus to the rest of the country. With so much seaboard, it only makes sense to incorporate nautical elements into your cabin, especially as you are likely to be within a short drive of the ocean no matter where your cabin is located.

In fact, a cabin is one of the best places for nautical imagery, because the small spaces strongly replicate the actual experience of being on a boat. A ship’s cabin also needs to utilize vertical space by hanging many belongings on the wall, or incorporating them into cabinets where they won’t fly out if the ship rolls. While bucking waves won’t be a problem for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate that feeling through carefully placed decoration and efficient use of a small area.

One problem many have with nautical themes is that they go overboard and choose to make everything shipshape, which can seem tacky – especially if everything is reproductions or purchased at a tourist shop. Instead, choose a few anchor points that subtly integrate that scent of the ocean into your space, such as hanging up a life ring or setting a small bottled ship on a shelf.

A great option is using a steamer trunk with a flat top as a coffee table. This will add to the rustic charm of your cabin without seeming out of place, and it provides extra storage space, which is a huge boost in a small domicile.

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