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3 Ways to Spot Fake Jordan Shoes

If you have ever bought a pair of Jordan shoes, then you know that there are many different types of leather used in them. If you buy a fake pair, then it will be made from much cheaper materials such as vinyl or plastic. If you look closely at your new shoes, then it should be easy to tell if they are real or not. The quality of leather will help determine whether or not your sneakers are real. The second thing to look for is the Sole tech label inside the shoe. This label contains information about where your shoes were made and what materials were used in their construction. You can find an original Jordan 1 grey at Untied Au.

If you are looking for the best way to spot fake Jordan shoes, then you have come to the right place. You can avoid buying a fake Jordan shoe by following these 3 tips.

1. Look at the stitching

Another way that you can spot fake Jordans is by looking at their stitching patterns and colors.

You can spot fakes by looking for the following:

– The sole is glued to the uppers, not stitched. This is a big giveaway that you’re looking at a fake.

– The stitching on the upper is uneven, or the laces are sewn on crookedly. This will be obvious to anyone who sees them (and they usually do), but it’s still worth mentioning as a possibility because it can be hard to notice at first glance.

– The insoles are too small. They should fit flush against your feet, with no wiggle room between them and your toes.

– The tongues of fake shoes are usually made of fabric rather than leather, which is another way to tell if they’re real or not.

The stitching patterns do not match between real and fake Jordans because they use different materials to manufacture them, but they should still look similar enough that you can tell if they are real or not. If they do not look similar enough, then they may be fakes!

2. Check the shoe box

Shoes are a personal item, so it’s always smart to double-check the product before you buy. The first thing you should do is check the box. If you have an online retailer like Nike or Jordan, there are some things you can check right on the site. For example, if your shoes are coming from China and the box is printed in English instead of Chinese, then you know that they’re fake.The next thing to look for is the lacing system on your shoes. If you see an incorrect lacing pattern, or if there aren’t any laces at all, then your shoes are probably fake!

3. Check the quality of materials

The second thing you should do is look at the quality of materials used to make your shoe. Fake Jordans generally have poor quality leather and stitching throughout. The laces also may not be authentic and will feel different than an original pair of Jordan shoes. The sole may also be made from cheap plastic rather than genuine rubber. You can tell real Jordans apart by checking for stitching patterns near logos on the side or bottom of each shoe.

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