A Helpful Guide To A Dormer Loft Conversion

A Helpful Guide To A Dormer Loft Conversion

One of the simplest ways to extend the liveable space in your house is to have a loft conversion. This allows for more living space without using the garden. This type of construction is ideal for areas where instead of building ahead building upwards is the only option. There are lots of loft conversion types but we will today be talking about Dormer Loft conversion. We will try to answer in this guide all the question as to how much it costs for having a Dormer Loft Conversion and if planning permissions are required for Dormer loft conversion.

What actually is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

Among the many loft conversion options, Dormer Loft conversion is one of the most common ones in UK. This type of loft conversion is ideal for a terraced house or a semi-detached one in community with built-up building types. With Dormer loft conversion, property owner gets to have more headspace and a much more expansive flooring space. However, quite contrary to the Velux loft conversion this one requires specific structural changes to one’s roof.

Pitched roof:

Dormer loft conversions tend to less popular because they offer lesser flooring space for the loft due to lack of a vertical floor. Still, they appear more attractive when compared to a flat roof dormer when seen from outside. so in our option, this best loft conversion is ideal for the front of a property or a property which is older.

Flat roof:

Dormer loft conversion option is quite popular as it offers maximized flooring space. This loft conversion is a straightforward one as it protrudes straight from the house’s roof.

How much does it cost for a Dormer loft conversion?

The cost for having a Dormer Loft Conversion varies on following factors.

  • where the property owner lives
  • complexity in the Dormer loft conversion method
  • if owner is looking to install a bathroom or not
  • the quality and the size of the finished product

For giving you an estimate consider this, in London, a dormer loft conversion of about 20 square meters with a single bathroom as well as having medium end specs costs about 50K to 55K pounds. This cost also includes all other finishes including VAT. As for the similar loft conversion in the Northern England, it can cost about 35K to 40K pounds.

How long does it take for a Dormer loft conversion project?

Assuming the fact that all the things go as planned and you are opting for a standard loft conversion, a completely new Dormer Loft conversion london project takes about 4 to 6 weeks for a finished structure. As for the final finishing and decoration, it takes usually around 2 to 4 additional weeks.

Is planning permission required a Dormer loft conversion?

The one great thing about Loft Conversion is that they can be carried out within the limits of PD (Permitted Development).

Dormer Loft conversion is usually carried out on the side or rear of a property which makes it most likely to be within the scope of Permitted Development. This is as long as the property meets other such requirements like being inside a conservative area.

Dormer loft conversion carried out on front of a house requires Planning permission from local authority as it will be overlooking a main road.

Other factors that might impact that fact either your Dormer Loft Conversion is within PD are as follows.

  • size of a loft conversion
  • type of a property e.g. a masionette always requires a Planning Permission
  • property lying in a conservative area
  • property being a notable pone
  • style of the Dormer Loft conversion

With all being said, we still advise you to check up with the local authorities to see if the property requires planning permission or not. This will only save you the hassle of learning that Planning permissions were required. Visit overlord season 4

What other problems do you need to be on look out for?

One of the other things that a property owner needs to be on look out for is the Party Wall Agreement. This is specifically for cases if the house is a semi-detached one or a terraced house and is in England & Wales. Such cases require a Party Wall Agreement with neighbor or neighbors. This agreement is to be honored because during the construction, the work will be intervening the party walls for the sake of structural beams and will allow raising of the party wall for constructing your dormer.

other things to consider is to be sure that the work falls within the building regulations and property owner already has work approvals for all the construction they are carrying out.

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