How to make your Instagram marketing strategy better

How to make your Instagram marketing strategy better

Where is Instagram heading in 2021? 2021 is undergoing a big shift in visual content on Instagram. Instead of beautiful, processed photos, people and brands prefer natural, vivid photos. Photos without editing are easier to make, they can be posted more often and they are closer to people, because they are similar to what they have in their profiles. People love spontaneous photos from life, and brands are slowly beginning to adapt to this.

Today, we will share with you latest tips on how to get organic traffic more on Instagram with photos, buying high-quality Instagram followers, getting on top of IGTV, etc.

How to make content more organic? Instead of bright, colorful photos, use pastel colors and soft filters. This trend is great news for video makers. The fashion for authenticity and simplicity gives a chance to reach the top even for those who shoot without equipment and large budgets.

Try making a 3-10 second video instead of a photo and see what happens! Make organic content and the client will reach out to you. Will they take away the likes?

In November 202-, Instagram tried to remove likes from some users. Why are they doing that? The idea behind Instagram is to take away that frantic race for likes that harmed the mental health of users, especially adolescents. Likes are a powerful tool for showing social approval, and people rely heavily on it. It’s unhealthy.

Plus, in pursuit of likes, people post less. Instagram wants users to post more. Now this trend has faded a little, likes have remained, but this does not mean that this will not happen in the future.

Instagram 2021 – e-commerce platform

Instagram is evolving from an ad to a retail outlet. Back in 2020, they launched Checkout. This is a tool that adds tags with products in the photo. Now you can mark not only people but also goods. The subscriber can immediately go to the store and order the same one for himself. It is convenient – now it is not necessary to follow the link in the profile header and look for the desired item in the store.

More videos

Instagram has finally ceased to be just a place to store photos. Short videos are everywhere. Answers to questions in stories, IGTV, video posts. Movement, dynamics, dancing, video from tiktok. Don’t get lost in the background – make your own video.

IGTV video

Instagram has done everything so that you can upload more and more often. Previously, only vertical videos were allowed on IGTV – now you can post in any format. Literally anyone can do their own show. It is not necessary to have a huge budget for this – all the necessary tools are already there. Even if you have a small local business – just start a blog where you answer questions or show your workflow.

Impact of TikTok

Why did TikTok shoot? Because it’s a live, raw, TikTok record at home without bothering. There is no good lighting, and all the “instagram” gloss. And people love it. This way you can create more content that promotes faster. Instagram is already testing Reels. This is an internal video hosting site similar to TikTok.

Everyone can monetize their Instagram in 2021

Instagram in 2021 is a place where even the smallest blogger can monetize their audience. Because small bloggers are better engaged than big bloggers. This means that everyone who has at least some kind of audience is important. Ever notice how your favorite bloggers integrate different products into their posts? It is more convenient for both the blogger and the user. The user sees what the product looks like in real life, sees the feedback from a person he trusts and receives a discount. The blogger gets a source of topics for posts, which is also profitable. He posts more, collects reviews, and tries new products. Now imagine that anyone who has more than a thousand subscribers can do this.

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