How COVID’19 has affected the e-Learning System?

Coronavirus triggered this “expected era” earlier than expected. The good news is that the industry has seized the opportunity and is working hard to meet customer goals and expectations.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The industry is experiencing unprecedented growth with better prospects in the COVID era and is well prepared for the post COVID era. Let’s take a look at what’s working for the industry, especially during this period:

Lockdown all Over the World

The COVID-19 virus began gradually or permanently blocking access to networks around the world. As a result, schools, universities, training institutes, and colleges became public spaces that could not be opened in the future. Children have free time and parents are constantly looking for ways to entertain them and, if possible, teach them new skills.

Because of this bottleneck, companies have suffered severe losses and lay off many employees. These reduced employees have time off. Even those who work virtually are willing to work harder to stay in business during these tough times. As a result, alternative learning and skills platforms have seen unprecedented sales and customer growth.

Technology Advantages

With an integrated technology platform, e-learning can be launched and delivered anywhere and anytime. Its reach is not limited by the lack of physical space or infrastructure. Therefore, it is an ideal space for learning interaction without physical contact. Video courses and interactive learning technologies by different Top Institutes have changed the game in this field. FolksIT is such a platform that is offering Online IT courses with certification by considering this critical situation.

With the emergence of new technologies such as Google Meet and Zoom, e-learning has become a more attractive and engaging way of learning.

Traditional educational institutions are also shifting to online learning


As schools and colleges are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus and cannot avoid its effects, educational institutions are using technology as the only way to educate children outside of school and successfully fulfill their educational obligations.

Surprisingly, the effect is so great that educational institutions that once relied solely on video-based instruction are now seeking long-term relationships with technology partners. The demand for educational technology products is very high to avoid the pitfalls of hiring e-learning developers.

Building Parent Confidence in Education

One of the major obstacles to the initial development of e-learning products and methods was the lack of confidence of parents, teachers, and students in the effectiveness of the e-learning products. However, the aggressive and mandatory use of these tools, even in traditional educational institutes has led to parents and teachers gaining confidence in them. In fact, they seem more than willing to embrace this new form of learning. This is the biggest success in this sector. It is also the main reason why the sector can continue its success even after the devastating virus has been eradicated.

Ensuring that training is accessible to all


E-learning has effectively removed barriers in our traditional education system which can be approached only by the affluent, urban, and English-speaking people. With e-learning, education reaches even the remotest corners of a developing country like India All this happened due to easily accessible smartphones and cheap data networks.

Challenges faced by the teachers and students

Teachers and students face many problems during an online class. There are many free and tools available and teachers have to choose the one in which connectivity between them and their students is easy. Paid tools are better but some of them are expensive. If educational institutes have to use these tools, then they will have to bear the cost of these tools. They can take an additional fee from the parents to bear the cost. Parents will also not be happy because they will also have to pay for the tool so they will have an extra burden. Teachers may face some challenges while teaching through free tools but with time they and their students will manage to solve the problems and classes can run smoothly.


E-learning has emerged in a new era of fun, interactive and personalized learning. It allows people to learn new skills, courses, and concepts at their own pace, continuously and on-demand. The lock-in period of COVID-19 enabled the launch of this form of learning. The e-learning industry has finally arrived and accepted by parents, teachers, and students and we are all ready for it.

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