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Top 9 Ways Technology is Helping Tutors Teach Math’s Online

Technology has been a driving force in the educational industry for decades. From pushing teachers to be more creative and innovative, to providing better ways of exchanging information, it’s hard to imagine a world without technology.

One area that has seen exponential growth due to technology is maths tutoring. With the rise of online learning and video conferencing, there are now many options available for students who want private instruction from an expert in mathematics at their own pace and time. In this blog post we will take a look at 10 ways technology is making maths tutoring easier and better than ever.

1. Interactive engagement

One of the biggest challenges for a maths tutor is getting their student engaged and excited about learning. Technology has made this easier by making tutoring more interactive with tools such as live whiteboard sessions, screen sharing, shared documents, explainer videos, quizzes and guided tutorials.

2. Real-world connection

Maths is so much more powerful when it reflects a problem that can be encountered in the real world. Through online lessons students can be virtually transported to literally anywhere on the planet. This opens the doors for students to learn about concepts and problem-solving techniques that are actually relevant to their lives.

3. Simulations & visualisations

In the past, students have been stuck with one way of visualising a problem which can be limiting. In mathematics however there are often multiple ways to solve the same equation and viewing it from different angles or perspectives makes for an even deeper understanding. Programs now allow teachers to create simulations that show how certain concepts work in real life.

4. Peer-collaboration

One of the biggest problems for students who are struggling with maths is feeling isolated and alone. Some may feel their lack of understanding will stigmatise them or that they don’t fit in socially which can lead to anxiety, stress and even depression. An effective way to combat this problem is through peer-collaboration where groups come together in a safe, constructive online environment to work on problems and share ideas.

5. Assessments & reporting

The beauty of harnessing technology for teaching mathematics is that it can be used to develop effective assessment tools. By using software programs, teachers are able to create quizzes and tests which provide them with valuable feedback about their students’ knowledge level. This allows tutors to better monitor student progress and adjust lessons accordingly.

6. Personalised lessons

With maths tutoring it is important to provide the student with lessons that are personalised for their needs. Digital platforms, like Khan Academy, allow an online maths tutor to create courses according to different learning styles, levels and goals while also tailoring them so students can learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

7. Gamification

Popular online games like Prodigy have shown that adding a bit of gamification to an activity can make it more enjoyable and engaging. By applying this concept in the online tutoring world, teachers are able to turn learning into a game while also helping students improve their problem-solving skills through quizzes and puzzles.

8. Accessibility

Giving students 24/7 access to lessons and practise online means that they can work at home in their own time, in between lessons. As such, tutoring sessions become more targeted and focused towards clarifying any doubts that they encountered while working by themselves. The benefit of this is also that students can take control of their own learning and move through the material at a speed they find most comfortable.

9. Instant feedback

When learning maths online it is important to be able to give and receive instantaneous feedback. Whether this means the tutor is providing suggestions in real-time through a video call or making use of assistive AI technology that prompts students with hints, thanks to technology, maths tutoring online is far more interactive than it has ever been before.

The future is now

Technology is advancing and redefining how we teach and learn maths online. And that’s a good thing! It allows us to use interactive engagement, make learning relevant with simulations and visualisations, provide personalised lessons, gamify the experience for students of all ages as well as create assessment systems which provide instant feedback.

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